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The Zoo is the seventh level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4. It is the last unlockable level through career progression, as the last two, Chicago and the Carnival, must be bought in order to unlock.

The level's zany animal exhibits provide a wide variety of skateable habitats, anywhere from a shark tank to a giraffe pen. The level is often remembered for being hazardous, as many animals can make one bail during a combo.

Zoo is also the only level in Pro Skater 4 where large destruction unlocks a hidden area, this being the aquarium, which is opened after an elephant rams into it.

Origin Edit

This level is based on the London Zoo; there are UK flags over the aquarium and several buildings found in real life (i.e. Casson Pavillion).

Minigames and Hidden Items Edit

The Zoo level has two unique minigames hidden within it:

  • If you go into the Giraffe area and enter the open door, you can then approach a button on the wall to trigger a minigame. Monkeys will fling feces at you, and you will have to avoid being hit by it, as well as fling it back in order to win.
  • Going to the Pigeon coops allows you to play another minigame. You hold a nest in this one, and must traverse left to right in order to catch falling eggs.

There is also two small easter eggs within this level:

  • Near the Hippo exhibit, there are binoculars, looking through them allows you to see two Hippos engaged in sexual activity with one another for only a split second.
  • You can go inside the monkey exhibit and stare at one of them; eventually they will throw feces at the glass.

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