Character Welder


Welder is a fictional skater and story character in THAW.

Welder missions Edit

Destroy the Antennas Edit

Meet up with Welder #1 by the edge of the rig. He'll want you to destroy the antennas of three boats sitting just outside the rig. Grind the scaffold until its end and then spine transfer to the first boat. In order to destroy the antennas on the three boats, just do spine transfers from the ramps immediately below it and aim into the antenna when you're in the air. Once you've hit one antenna, spine transfer from the end of that boat into the next one.

High Score! Edit

Find Welder #2 below the yellow crane. He'll want you to play a game of human skee ball with the empty bowls. First run to the ladder and climb up to the top of the crane platform. You'll be playing the part of a skeeball by acid dropping into the various bowls and then wall planting the grate at the end of them. You'll need to keep going straight to be lined up with the grate, so don't move to the left or right. Just concentrate on timing your jumps and acid drops properly and you should do fine.[1]

References Edit

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