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Vancouver loading screen

Vancouver is the sixth level in Tony Hawk's Underground. The level following Hawaii in story mode. It is here that the Slam City Jam is located and the pro comps are held.

Origin Edit

The level is based mostly off Robson Square (called Nobson in the game), featuring the Vancouver Art Gallery and the fountain, Law Courts, the Sears building, the Ice Rink, 1500 West Georgia building, Pacific Coliseum and Fairmount Hotel Vancouver (called the Goodmount Hotel in the game).

Trivia Edit

  • Player can drive a leafblower in this level.
  • There is Havgas logo inside the 1500 Georgia Banks reception room.
  • Bird sculpture is wearing glasses and moustache in the game.
  • Player can eventually notice that there is Canadian Ministy of Bacon in the level.

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