DCxDemo DCxDemo 14 November 2015

New image policy

I would like to present you our new policy for the images: Tony Hawk's Games Wiki:Images. There's nothing scary, but you better read these simple advices before uploading the image to the wiki. The shorest rule is "the larger - the better".

Also, images are slowly being categorized, so you can easily find the image needed using the appropriate category. The currently functioning categories already include the ones listed down below, but there's more to come.

  • Screenshots - all game screenshots
  • THPS2 Screenshots - game specific screenshots.
  • Photos - any photo no the wiki
  • Maps - a top-down shot of the level, specifically rendered for this purpose.
  • Loading Screens - the images you see when the level loads
  • Bad images - the ones that require the replac…
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DCxDemo DCxDemo 16 July 2015

THUG Vancouver and Hawaii

Check out the latest changes to the Hawaii and Vancouver pages, it includes photos of real world locations, used as prototypes for the levels. If you know other real THPS locations that are not added to the wiki yet, feel free to share.

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DCxDemo DCxDemo 3 January 2014

Making main page more functional

Made a small update to the main page. General categories will appear now at the main along with some service pages. Use it smart.

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