As far as I'm concerned, many of the skateboarding video game fans prefer the Skate video game series more than the Tony Hawk video game series. Not that I have a problem with it, but, whenever I see videos on YouTube of Tony Hawk gameplay videos, glitch videos, or anything else that has to do with Tony Hawk video games, in the comment section below the YouTube video, users always post comments that say stuff like:

  • "Skate OWNS Tony Hawk"
  • "Fuck Tony Hawk games"
  • "Skate is better than Tony Hawk because it's realistic!

Now I only have so many questions. Yes, Tony Hawk games have had unrealistic gameplay, but if I remember clearly, video games have always been unrealistic. I'm not saying that realism in video games is bad. I'm also not saying that Skate games are bad. Anyway, so basically what these comments are saying to me is that, skateboarding video game fans didn't enjoy blowing up the Hollywood Sign with a 50,000 point combo, blowing up construction sites in Boston, causing earthquakes in Los Angeles, and other fun stuff that was done in past Tony Hawk games.

So these fans are saying that all the Tony Hawk games ever made were worthless. I'm speechless. Then again if these fans are so crazy about the realism in Skate, then why don't they go skateboard in real-life instead. So after the people that make Tony Hawk saw how much the fans loved Skate's realism, so they included the skateboard controller to their new game. So hopefully the fans who complain will now be satisfied.

Now like I said, I like the Skate games, just their fans make dumb points on YouTube.


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