• 2koolalex

    Tony Hawk: Ride Review

    November 25, 2009 by 2koolalex

    I got Tony Hawk: Ride the day it came out, I've spent enough time with it to review it, so lets start with the good and bad:

    • Manuals on the board feel great.
    • Grabs are tough, but rewarding.
    • "Mii Skate" is a great addition in the Wii version.
    • Graphics and level design on all versions are bright and pretty to look at.
    • Menus look really slick.
    • Half pipes are enjoyable.
    • Good soundtrack.
    • Better than other skateboarding titles on the Wii.
    • The bails are pretty realistic.
    • Online multiplayer and online leaderboards on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

    • No online multiplayer or online leaderboards on the Wii version.
    • No "Nail-the-Trick"
    • No interesting "mission" type goals in the story mode.
    • No one will be able to play in the Hardcore difficulty, unless they have been p…

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  • 2koolalex

    Well as of July 20, 2009, I have officially pre-ordered Tony Hawk: Ride (click here to see my proof).

    I recently have recieved two games: Tony Hawk's Project 8 for PS2 and Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip for Wii.

    • Tony Hawk's Project 8 - Well let me just start with the good. There is many goals in this game meaning that you will never get bored. The multiplayer is just like what you would expect from a Tony Hawk game, fun. This game has some pretty decent graphics on the PS2, pretty good to look at, but they get gloomy-looking on some levels. The new "Nail the Trick" mode is a good idea that fits in perfectly with the game.

    And now, the bad. There is no online play for this game on the PS2, which sucks because most Tony Hawk games on the PS2 that came …

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  • 2koolalex

    Tony Hawk vs. Skate

    July 10, 2009 by 2koolalex

    As far as I'm concerned, many of the skateboarding video game fans prefer the Skate video game series more than the Tony Hawk video game series. Not that I have a problem with it, but, whenever I see videos on YouTube of Tony Hawk gameplay videos, glitch videos, or anything else that has to do with Tony Hawk video games, in the comment section below the YouTube video, users always post comments that say stuff like:

    • "Skate OWNS Tony Hawk"
    • "Fuck Tony Hawk games"
    • "Skate is better than Tony Hawk because it's realistic!

    Now I only have so many questions. Yes, Tony Hawk games have had unrealistic gameplay, but if I remember clearly, video games have always been unrealistic. I'm not saying that realism in video games is bad. I'm also not saying that Skate games…

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