Trixie in the Dreamcast port of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Trixie is a Secret Character in the Dreamcast and Xbox ports of THPS2 that replaces Private Carrera in said ports. The reason as to why Trixie replaces Private Carrera in these ports is unclear, but it is likely due to Carrera's appearance, which could be offensive to some players, but then again, Trixie's could be offensive as well in some ways.

Background Edit

Her bio states that she is from Santa Cruz, California, but other than that, no other information about her is given. Trixie is of slim build, with pink hair tied in a ponytail. Her board graphics are cat/nature themed, and her main outfits differ slightly between ports, with her wearing a pink shirt in the Dreamcast port, and a red/yellow shirt in the Xbox port. Her secondary outfits are mostly identical in both ports, consisting of a crop top, sneakers, and shorts (blue shirt/shorts in the Dreamcast port, yellow shirt/green shorts in the Xbox).

Similarities between Trixie and Private Carrera Edit

Trixie shares her Special Tricks (Fifty 5-Ho Slide, Double Splits, and Ho Ho Handplant) and unlock method (getting all gaps in every level, barring Chopper Drop/Crane Drop and Skate Heaven) with Private Carrera, but Trixie has her own bio and deck graphics. Along with Private Carrera, Trixie also serves as one of two female skaters in the game, with Elissa Steamer being the other. Aside from these traits, there aren't many similarities between Trixie and Private Carrera.

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