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Triangle loading screen

The Triangle is a secret level in Tony Hawk's Underground 2, unlocked only by completing Classic Mode on any difficulty. The map itself is a remote island in the Caribbean, strewn with shipwrecks, downed aircraft and bizarre ruins, with an alien base carved into the interior of the island itself. The entire level is a nod to the conspiracy theories surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.

Places of Interest[]

  • A stranded pirate ship with a pedestrian pirate walking around on its deck. It is obviously taken from THPS3 level Skater Island.
  • The half pipe you begin in is pulled from the THPS2 level Skate Heaven's hidden section (the "Enema Chen" island inside the volcano). Grind the missiles (see below) and you will blow open the hole between the ramps that you could trigger by performing a certain gap in THPS2.
  • A hidden alien base, which can be accessed by grinding on the missiles of a wrecked Blackhawk helicopter, blowing off a chunk of the mountainside.
  • A small, severed section of a passenger airplane on the shoreline. Inside, a skeleton is still strapped into one of the seats.
  • Commercial airplanes flying in and out of portals in the sky in the background.
  • An offshore UFO firing a death ray at something in the water.


  • The Triangle is an obvious nod to the real-life Bermuda Triangle, an area of the Atlantic Ocean connecting Tampa, San Juan and Bermuda, infamous for a large number of ships and aircraft purportedly disappearing within under mysterious circumstances, usually blamed on paranormal and/or extraterrestrial activity. The most famous victims of the Triangle include Flight 19, the SS Marine Sulphur Queen and the USS Cyclops.


  • If the player grinds the three triangles on the ground, emitters will rise from each forming a laser triangle. The tops of these also feature small pyramids with the all seeing eye.
  • It is possible to perform a lip trick on the Blue laser that the three triangles create.
  • While the portals from the Pro Skater level exist here, these ones are only cosmetic.


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