Character Tool Pusher

Tool Pusher

Tool Pusher is a fictional skater and story character in THAW.

Tool Pusher missions Edit

Dismantle the Pipes Edit

Now that you've helped Mega hike up gas prices for the rest of the country, it's time to snag some gear for the Skate Ranch. Head over tool Pusher #1 first. He'll ask you to do grind a nearby railing then jump to a ledge below it. You'll eventually have to jump to another railing but make sure you lean to the left before the jump in order to reach far enough over there.

Let's Take it Back to the Streets Edit

Meet up with Tool Pusher #2. In this challenge you'll have to reach the chopper on the rig's helipad. Simply skate through the control room to your left and then spine transfer off the quarter-pipe immediately below the helipad. After you reach the pad you'll have to do a spine transfer off the side and into an underwater tunnel in order to get back to the mainland. As soon as you land you'll get a text message from mindy asking you to come back to the ranch. Surprisingly, there's trouble. The tunnel will take you back to the pier in Santa Monica. Hop on a bus, head back to Beverly Hills and then to the Skate Ranch.[1]

References Edit

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