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Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix for the PlayStation Portable is largely identical to the console and PC versions but has some features added/removed. It was released in March 15, 2005.

New features[]

  • New Cutscenes
  • New Jersey Glitch from THUG (See glitches below)

Missing features[]

  • Some graphics
  • Speech limited
  • Create-a-park mode
  • Canada, School, Downhill Jam (Instead you have to unlock these levels by playing story/classic mode on any difficulty
  • Custom voice
  • always special code


  • When playing in Atlanta you can find the secret characters but you can't play them in any mode (Even if you get 100% in Story Mode)
  • Sometimes the noises will come before the thing is even done.
  • Many (if not all) of the glitches from Tony Hawk's Underground 2 are present
  • During the credits Hugh Jass will mention that Tony and Bam were banned from Boston, Barcelona, Berlin, Australia and New Orleans, yet they aren't banned from Santa Cruz and if played one way they haven't even been to Boston, Berlin and New Orleans.
  • When playing the training level, if you go to the ramp next to the pool and hold X while going up it you'll keep going as if the wall is the ground.
  • When playing in Las Vegas, if one has not completed the level in Story Mode, the 'High Roller's room', The top of the main floors, is locked as normal. If the level is accessed in Create-a-goal, one can place a start point in the room and switch skaters when not intended.

Shrek SuperSlam Version[]

Shrek SuperSlam, another game by Shaba Games includes the full game of Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix is in the files. Interestingly, this version is dated later than the retail version and has some bug fixes which the retail version lacks:

  • The secret characters in Atlanta are unlockable in other modes
  • Nigel's clothes now properly display on the player in Australia
  • The Santa Cruz boat now properly resets when re-entering the level.
  • The Construction Workers in Australia no longer pre-burn before you Beaver Blast them.


The game was released to generally good reviews, averaging 83% on Game Rankings.


  • The analog stick only moves the camera if you are on your board. If you move it while you're walking without holding circle button it would make you move that way. You have to hold the circle button and move the analog stick to move the the camera

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