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Tony Hawk's Underground 2, or THUG2, was released on October 4, 2004. THUG2 is the sixth installment in the Tony hawk's video game series developed by Neversoft and published by Activision. It was released for PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Game Boy Advance, and was also released as a mobile game. THUG2 was later remade and re-released as Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix for the PSP.


The following applies to Tony Hawk's Underground 2 when the game is played in story mode. The term "player" refers to the main character of the story.

The game opens with the player skating at home (the New Jersey neighborhood from the previous game) one year (according to the official BradyGames strategy guide) after the events of Tony Hawk's Underground . A van shows up in the middle of the ramp and the player slams into the van. Two people wearing hockey masks kidnap the player and take him to a dark room with other skaters like Eric Sparrow, Bob Burnquist, and Mike Vallely, among others. Then, Bam Margera and Tony Hawk explain their plans for the first annual World Destruction Tour, a "sick-as-hell" around-the-world skateboarding tour. The final goal of the Tour is that the losing team has to pay for everything. The skaters then split into two teams - Team Hawk and Team Bam - and the player joins Team Hawk.

The tour starts off in Boston, where Bam manages a last-minute win thanks to one of Paulie's stunts (he dumped a port-a-potty in the sea with someone inside), which surpassed the advantage Team Hawk had at the time. As a result, it was determined that one of Hawk's teammates should be eliminated, and this fate fell over Bob Burnquist. Later on, in Barcelona, Tony's team takes the lead again; however, the punishment for Team Bam was to have the rookies of each team swapped (in this case, the player and Eric Sparrow, which moves from Team Bam to Team Hawk, much to Bam's relief, and Tony's annoyance). At that time though, word had spread out about the World Destruction Tour, which was supposed to be a low-profile event but now is appearing on TV news.

The next leg of the Tour is the German capital, Berlin, where Sparrow and the player are swapped back. At that moment, an underground film "writer, producer, director" by the name of Nigel Beaverhausen wishes to bring the tour to the public but instead winds up being humiliated by Tony and Bam. After causing chaos in Bangkok (the skaters were en route to Australia, but Chad Muska suggested a stop in Thailand), the Tour lands in Australia (actually, Bam's team arrives later due to departure problems that make them wind up in India). At the end of the leg, the player is supposed to be eliminated by being stripped naked and hit by mousetraps launched at him/her, but due to Rodney Mullen spotting a mathematical error in the teams points, the player has to compete with Eric - the loser will be eliminated from the tour. The group ponders what to do when an Australian skater kid shows them a video of the tour, created by Nigel Beaverhausen. Tony then decides that whoever humiliates Beaverhausen will stay on the tour. Eric only manages to steal his clothes but the player, with Nigel's clothes (Bam's idea, as he too did not want Eric around anymore), goes off causing rampage on Australian citizens, so that Beaverhausen will be blamed for it. Also, Eric is eliminated from the tour, which advances to New Orleans.

At the end of the New Orleans leg, Nigel revealed that he filmed the whole tour, even before he met Tony and Bam in Berlin. Nigel then proposes that if he is allowed to film the whole tour, he will pay for all the damages of the tour. After Phil Margera shows Tony and Bam the long damage bill (with a high final money sum), they accept. Team Hawk then performs a death-defying stunt called the "Equalizer" to tie up with Team Bam and is successful, but team members Mike Vallely, Chad Muska and Rodney Mullen are arrested by the cops for stealing and destroying the helicopter used for the stunt, leaving only the player and Tony Hawk for the final leg of the Tour: Skatopia, defined by Tony as "the skateboarding Mecca". Though Team Hawk, reduced to two members, performs well enough to win, Bam decided to blow up Skatopia, confident on his victory. In order to save people from the imminent damage, Tony quickly evacuates the skaters and their pets and so, thereafter, Bam dares the player, who is still stuck in the back end of Skatopia, to exit the whole flaming park in a combo (which he considers impossible), which the player does and gives Team Hawk the win in the World Destruction Tour. Nigel then wants Bam to give him the tape of the tour, which only shows Bam's father, Phil Margera in the toilet. The tour ends with Bam and Tony humiliating Beaverhausen once more, as Bam pulls down his pants in international TV broadcast, much to his embarrassment.

During the credits, it is revealed that Tony and Bam have been officially banned from ever returning to Boston, Barcelona, Berlin, Australia, New Orleans and even Thailand. Upon hearing the news, they replied, "Hey, good call."

New features[]

  • Classic Mode is a feature in THUG2 that lets players play in THUG2 levels and other past levels from Tony Hawk games with game-play from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3.
  • Wallplant was replaced with Sticker Slap.
  • The Natas Spin is a trick that allows players to hop on poles, fire hydrants, and other related items, and perform spins.
  • Players can modify any aerial trick using flips and rolls. It is activated by pressing directional any button twice.
  • Players are now allowed to not only get off their skateboard like in the first game, but also spray paint graffiti on the walls of the game levels.
  • Players are now able to perform Freak Out move after they bail. This will add to the starting base of the next combo.

Available Characters[]

  • Tony Hawk
  • Bob Burnquist (unlockable in the GBA version)
  • Chad Muska (unlockable in the GBA version)
  • Bam Margera
  • Eric Koston
  • Rodney Mullen
  • Mike Vallely (GBA unlockable)
  • Ryan Sheckler (unlockable)
  • Wee Man (unlockable)
  • Ben Franklin (unlockable)
  • Bull Fighter (unlockable)
  • Graffiti Tagger (unlockable)
  • Shrimp Vendor (unlockable)
  • Jester (unlockable)
  • Shrek (unlockable)
  • THPS1 Tony Hawk (unlockable)
  • C.O.D. Soldier (unlockable)
  • The Hand (unlockable)
  • Jesse James (unlockable)
  • Natas Kaupas (unlockable)
  • Phil Margera (unlockable)
  • Steve-O (unlockable)
  • Nigel Beaverhausen (unlockable)
  • Paulie Ryan (unlockable)
  • Aborigine (unlockable)
  • Alien (unlockable)
  • Alien Doctor (unlockable)
  • Alien Leader (unlockable)
  • Australian Cop (unlockable)
  • Bigfoot (unlockable)
  • Bigfoot One (unlockable)
  • Boat Captain (unlockable)
  • Boxer (unlockable)
  • Bratwurst Vendor (unlockable)
  • Camera Man (unlockable)
  • Construction Worker (unlockable)
  • Corn Vendor (unlockable)
  • Cut Chemist (unlockable)
  • Flute Player (unlockable)
  • Geeky Kid (unlockable)
  • German Cop (unlockable)
  • German Drunk 1 (unlockable)
  • German Drunk 2 (unlockable)
  • German Drunk 3 (unlockable)
  • Graffiti Punk (unlockable)
  • Guitar Player (unlockable)
  • Horn Player (unlockable)
  • Hospital Attendant (unlockable)
  • Imp (unlockable)
  • Inline Skater (unlockable)
  • Lifeguard (unlockable)
  • Lounge Singer (unlockable)
  • Lost Soul 1 (unlockable)
  • Lost Soul 2 (unlockable)
  • Lost Soul 3 (unlockable)
  • Mayan (unlockable)
  • Mayan Tiki Mask (unlockable)
  • Metal Detector Guy (unlockable)
  • Mime (unlockable)
  • Paramedic (unlockable)
  • Pirate (unlockable)
  • Ramp Kid (unlockable)
  • Revolutionary Soldier (unlockable)
  • Security Guard (unlockable)
  • Skaboto (unlockable)
  • Skatopia Punk (unlockable)
  • Space Monkey 1 (unlockable)
  • Space Monkey 2 (unlockable)
  • Space Monkey 3 (unlockable)
  • Voodoo Doctor (unlockable)
  • Wiener Vendor (unlockable)
  • Zombie 1 (unlockable)
  • Zombie 2 (unlockable)
  • Nick (PC unlockable)
  • Eric Sparrow (GBA unlockable)
  • Big Foot (GBA unlockable)
  • Wee Bones (GBA unlockable)

Game Levels[]

Main Levels[]

Classic Levels[]

GBA Levels[]

  • Boston
  • Barcelona
  • Berlin
  • Australia
  • Suburbia
  • New Orleans
  • Skatopia


In all of the Levels included in the Story Mode (except Skatopia and Training) you can demolish and/or reveal parts of the Level by performing a trick on a special object, and a short video sequence is shown. This is even possible in the Free Skate Mode and Classic Mode, but not in the Multiplayer Modes. In Boston and Berlin, destruction of areas is not required in Story Mode, though still possible.

(The following article may include spoilers)

  • Boston: In Boston, you have to jump over the burning barrel near the construction site to set your board on fire. then grind over the two cannons to light them, and they destroy the construction site.
  • Barcelona: In Barcelona, you have to get tomatoes from one of the salesmen and throw one towards the bull in the cage and the bull runs out off the cage, chases a mime and destroys a car, a grid wall and a tower.
  • Berlin: In Berlin, you have to go to the bar with the drunken men, go to the top of the building next to the bar (there where you find the graffiti tagger in the Story Mode) and grind over a yellow and black striped pipe next to the railway line and a sign falls on the railway line, a train crashes into it and breaks the wall of the bar.
  • Australia: In Australia, you have to "Natas Spin" the yellow hydrant near the statue and the crane breaks a wall and reveals a secret area. In Story Mode you can cause even more destruction when you grind over the crane with the cart which looses the statue head of the crane and breaks a police car, a staircase and a door. This is not possible in the other modes.
  • New Orleans: In New Orleans, you have to go to the graveyard and grind over all the skulls on the graves at the front, at the sides and the big grave at the back and a "Voodoo Doctor" on a tricycle comes out of the swamp, turns the people in the level in zombies and creates a whirlwind in a street.
  • In the Triangle, level you can also cause destruction by grinding over a rocket of a helicopter which shoots two rockets into a mountain in which a secret area is revealed.


Full article: Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Soundtrack

As in previous installments, THUG2 provides a huge playlist, sorted by genre.

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