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|Game title = Tony Hawk's Shred Session
|Game title = Tony Hawk's Shred Session
|Devs = not confirmed yet<br>
|Devs = Big Bit
|Dates = TBA 2014
|Dates = May 23, 2014
|Platforms = iOS, Android
|Platforms = iOS, Android

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Tony Hawk's Shred Session


Big Bit
Release Dates
May 23, 2014
iOS, Android

Tony Hawk's Shred Session is a 2014 mobile title. It's avaible on iOS and Android devices in some countries. This title is going to be free to play.

Game mechanics

According to revealed gameplay, this game features linear gameplay often reffered as a "lane runner". Each track consists of 3 separate lines which skater may switch between by swiping left or right. It is possible to grind and perform different tricks off the predefined slopes. Some levels end up in a ramp. There are yellow pellets on the track, but its purpose is not clear yet.


  • Warehouse
  • Santa Monica
  • Stormdrain
  • The Docks
  • South Bank


This game already recieved mixed feedback. Some gamers are blaming the game for not following the classic gameplay, others cheer the change and call this a great move for the franchise. However the Hands-On Preview got 8x less likes comparing to dislikes.

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