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Tony Hawk's Shred Session, is a cancelled extreme sports, endless runner video game developed by Big Bit and published by Activision. A free-to-play game exclusively for iOS and Android mobile phones, it was to be the first game in the Tony Hawk's franchise created for the platform.

Although the game had soft launched in a handful of territories in mid-2014 ahead of a worldwide release, in November 2014 Hawk revealed that the game was postponed indefinitely and the game was later pulled from these territories.

Game mechanics[]

This game features linear gameplay often referred to as a "lane runner". Each track consists of 3 separate lanes which the skater may switch between by swiping left or right. It is possible to grind and perform different tricks off the predefined slopes.

Available Characters[]


  • Warehouse
  • Santa Monica
  • Storm drain
  • The Docks
  • South Bank


This game received mixed feedback. Some gamers blamed the game for not following the classic gameplay, others cheered the change and called this a great move for the franchise. However the Hands-On Preview got eight times more dislikes than likes. The bad reviews made Activision cancel the international release of Tony Hawk's Shred Session. The game was a New Zealand/Australia exclusive up until November 2014, when it was pulled from those territories. It is no longer available for download anywhere.


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