Tony Hawk's Pro Skater soundtrack featuring 10 songs in total.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

This soundtrack is based on the original PlayStation release. Other versions may vary.

No. Title Preview
1. Dead Kennedys - "Police Truck"
2. The Ernies - "Here and Now"
3. Even Rude - "Villified"
4. Goldfinger - "Superman"
5. Primus - "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver"
6. Speedealer - "Screamer/Nothing to Me"
7. Suicidal Tendencies - "Cyco Vision"
8. The Suicide Machines - "New Girl"
9. Unsane - "Committed"
10. The Vandals - "Euro-Barge"

PAL PlayStation only[edit | edit source]

  • Aim feat. YZ - Ain't Got Time to Waste
  • Aquasky - Blue Thunder
  • Grand Unified - Le Hot

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Goldfinger's "Superman" is the unofficial theme song of the Tony Hawk franchise and is often in the Top 10 lists of rememberable/best license songs in video games.
  • Speedealer's "Screamer" and "Nothing to Me" are merged into one track to make a longer song in both THPS1 and in THPS1+2.
  • System Of A Down's "War?" was used as a place holder track during the early development of THPS1 with Bruce Willis as the main skater. Both the song "War?" and Bruce Willis's character model come from Neversoft's earlier game, Apocalypse. Only in the original North American release of THPS1 is there left over data from Apocalypse and the boxes on The Mall level are game boxes of Neversoft's Apocalypse.
  • PS1 PAL version also includes three new songs that replaces Speedealer - Screamer/Nothing To Me, The Vandals - Euro-Barge and Evenrude - Vilified.
  • Aim's "Ain't Got Time To Waste" was not censored in Tony Hawk's Skateboarding on the PlayStation. This could explain why the "PAL Songs" were removed from the Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast PAL versions.
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