Tony Hawk's Motion

Tony Hawk's Motion Cover

Creat Studios, Inc
Release Dates
November 1, 2008
US: November 18, 2008
UK: November 21, 2008
AU: February 4, 2009
Nintendo DS

Tony Hawk's Motion, or THM, is the second entry in the Tony Hawk video game series of spin-offs. It was released for the Nintendo DS on November 18, 2008. It's packaged with the game Hue Pixel Painter. Both were developed by Creat Studios and were published and designed by Activision.

Gameplay Edit

The games are unique in that they use a motion-sensing peripheral called the "Motion Pack", inserted into the Game Boy Advance slot of the DS to control it. As well as skateboarding in Tony Hawk's Motion, there's also the ability to snowboard. Real-life snowboarder, Todd Richards, makes an appearence as a playable character. The in-game soundtrack of Tony Hawk's Motion does not contain any licensed or lyrical songs, but instead, contains Techno-like music made just for the game. In Hue Pixel Painter, the main character is Hue, a paint blob, and throughout the game, Hue goes around to paint the town in which the game is based in.

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Reception Edit

Tony Hawk's Motion and Hue Pixel Painter were recieved with negatively mixed reviews and low scores. Players argued that the games seemed like demos more than an actual products, and that the motion sensing was a unique and fresh idea, but should stay on the Wii rather than on the DS. On the positive side, the games were praised for their nice visuals. Hue Pixel Painter was recieved more positively than Tony Hawk's Motion, which is embarassing because Tony Hawk's Motion was supposed to be the main draw of the two.

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