While uploading your image on Tony Hawk's wiki, you should keep in mind that your image sooner or later will end up in Google cache, available to everyone. If you'll search for anything related to Tony Hawk, chances are that you'll find the image from our wiki on the first page. Hence it is better if we'll learn to choose the highest quality images available.


  • Generaly you should use JPG with high quality settings (not lower than 80).
  • If you found some rare image related to TH series in GIF, then upload GIF. If it is legacy paletted BMP image, convert it to GIF as well.
  • Avoid BMPs. Just avoid it. Convert to other formats.
  • PNG should only be used when applicable - small icons, text, charts. SVG works for this purpose as well.

You upload your own screenshot of the gameEdit

  • Make sure your image is taken at high resolution (the higher ,the better).
  • Don't forget about aspect ratio - if the game doesn't support widescreen, do not stretch the image (this applies to older console and PC games).
  • Do not resize or edit your image.
  • If possible, minimize or get rid of in-game HUD. There are several mods for it.
  • Compress it in JPEG with quality settings no lower than 80. 90 is fine.

You upload in-game screenshot found by GoogleEdit

Make sure this screenshot is the largest available. Use Google Image search for this purpose. Think twice before uploading 300x300 image.

You found or can retake some picture uploaded to this wikiEdit

Do it! It would be nice to increase the quality of existing images rather then just deleting them. The images currently seeking for replacement are marked with Template: Bad image and will reside here: [1].

You upload the loading screen from the gameEdit

Do NOT use in-game screenshots for this purpose. There are source files you can convert using specific tools. Any screenshot larger than the source of loading screen (and it's usually 640) is an upconvert and is not tolerated here.

You upload the real world views or personsEdit

Only upload photos of the real world places or persons if it is releated to the article. Do not upload private photos. Just in case.

You upload some really rare pictureEdit

In this case you probably can ignore the stuff above you. This applies to beta screeshots, old photos, sketches, anything else related to THPS development.

Quality over quantityEdit

Make sure you do not upload zillions of pictures for the same subject. Do not upload 20 generic screenshots with level views, better upload 4-5 screenshots of the specific objects you can say something about. Learn to capture the most recognizable places in the game.

Proper naming of you imagesEdit

Before uploading the image, make sure it is not YouTube's "maxresdefault.jpg" or "New image (3).png". First of all such name absolutely doesn't identify the contents of the images. Also there might be another file with this great name already uploaded to the wiki and used on another page. So basically, give your image some unique name. If you have a THPS4 screenshot with Koston sliding the rail, you might call it "THPS4_Koston_Slide.jpg" or "Koston_sliding_in_THPS4.jpg".


Categorize the image you just uploaded! Make sure it has at least 1 category. Check the existing categories, if noone of them are applicable, you can use your own, but make sure your category is applicable to future images. Do not make them too broad as well. For example, category "Image" that will include every single image uploaded is a totally awful idea. We need categories to sort images, not for the matter being.

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