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Cover art for the soundtrack.

The Tony Hawk's American Wasteland soundtrack features a lineup of punk-based bands (i.e. Fall Out Boy, Thursday, etc.), each covering a song from a classic punk rock or hardcore group. The cover art was based/a parody of The Clash's album, London Calling. It was released by Vagrant Records.

Only two cover version songs from the in-game soundtrack did not make it into the album: "Teenagers from Mars" (originally by the Misfits, covered by The Network) and "Wild in the Streets" (originally by Garland Jeffreys, performed by the Circle Jerks, even though the song was a hit of its own with Circle Jerks too).

The album does not feature the whole soundtrack from the game, comprised of 63 songs.

Interestingly enough, the original version of "Sonic Reducer" was previously featured in the soundtrack of Tony Hawk's Underground 2.

Track listing[]

  1. "Institutionalized" performed by Senses Fail (originally by Suicidal Tendencies)
  2. "Suburban Home"/"I Like Food" performed by Taking Back Sunday (originally by The Descendents)
  3. "Astro Zombies" performed by My Chemical Romance (originally by The Misfits)
  4. "Search and Destroy" performed by Emanuel (originally by The Stooges)
  5. "Sonic Reducer" performed by Saves The Day (originally by The Dead Boys)
  6. "Who Is Who" performed by Dropkick Murphys (originally by The Adolescents)
  7. "Seeing Red"/"Screaming at a Wall" performed by Thrice (originally by Minor Threat)
  8. "House of Suffering" performed by The Bled (originally by the Bad Brains)
  9. "Time to Escape" performed by the Hot Snakes (originally by Government Issue)
  10. "Start Today" performed by Fall Out Boy (originally by Gorilla Biscuits)
  11. "Wash Away" performed by Alkaline Trio (originally by TSOL)
  12. "Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)" performed by Thursday (originally by Buzzcocks)
  13. "Let's Have a War" performed by From Autumn To Ashes (originally by Fear)
  14. "Fix Me" performed by Rise Against (originally by Black Flag)

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