In video games teleport is a special area that will move game character to a different place instantly, which cannot be achieved using regular moving abilities. This may be used for different purposes.

Teleports in Tony Hawk's gamesEdit

The basic teleport that can be found in the series since the first game are the killing areas, which skater cannot access. When skater touches surface in such area, their combo fails immediately and they are teleported to one of the restart points. The obvious example is water surface.

Since THPS2 teleports were used to access hidden areas of the level, that cannot be acessed the other way round. For example, the secret cave in Marseille or hidden island in Skate Heaven. The secret area entrance still acts as a killing area though.

The first teleport, which allowed to keep the combo going was used in Oil Rig level in Xbox version of THPS3. It was the elevator between the platforms.

THPS4 was the first game to introduce teleports on PlayStation console.

Teleports are often used to link several lines in a single combo.

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