December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We added a Santa Hat and a Santa Bear (Male CAS). Smash 3 Snowmen in 3 different levels (Canada, Moscow and Hangar) to unlock a present! (HINT: SNOW!)

The waiting-to-join-game bug has been fixed! As well as some other minor bugs:

  • Converted a new sky for Roswell.
  • Removed the loop trick for Tokyo - it will return.

December 13, 2015

A new THUGPro update has arrived! It contains the following Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 levels:

Aside from that, we added some miscellaneous extras and fixed minor bugs:

  • The vehicles in Rio and the Ice Cream Truck can be Car Planted by jumping on top of them while skating.
  • In addition to the levels, there's a few more things.
  • We changed the braking system once again. Holding the OLLIE button (X) while holding REVERT (R2) will make the skater use the breaking system from THUG2.
  • A crash from waiting to join games has been fixed.
  • The particles from fireball trails are now oriented correctly.
  • A Wallplant bug was corrected.
  • The menu sounds were changed to some different ones.

October 28, 2015

  • To Main Menu added Pumpkins and Zombies.
  • Fixed Text Shadow Bug.
  • Added Wallplant / Sticker Slap Options.
  • Added Toggle Options for:
    • THUG Walk Physics.
    • Wallride cooldown after Wallplant.
    • Wallride cooldown after Caveman. (Wallshufle)
    • For Wallplant cooldown after Caveman.
    • Wallride Spin.
    • Lip Spin.

October 6, 2015

  • Two new levels - Burnside and Roswell from THPS!
  • Time Of Day optimized for net games.
  • Performance tweaks for Win10 users.
    • For the Win10 users that have been experiencing performance issues and crashing when specific levels.
      • We're pretty sure its related to level lights used by the time of day system. But we haven't figured out WHY its causing these problems.
      • So for this update we have temporarily disabled level lights. Hopefully the game will be playable again for players on Win10, while we're trying to fix the issues.
  • Fixes issues with female Hat hair cas options.
  • Memory limits have been raised.
  • Fixes bug where level dynamics/changes were not loaded in Create-a-trick.
  • Barrel Roll added to Create-A-Trick list.
  • Added pedestrians to Kyoto.
  • Added extra scenery objects to Kyoto in net games.
  • Fixes issues with rail boosters in Kyoto.
  • Drift physics have been tweaked.
  • Control option to disable flips and rolls
  • Server and control option to disable buttslaps.
  • New braking method similar to the original in THUG2:
    • Hold DOWN then press Revert while crouched (Hold Ollie/X).
    • If your powerslide button is set to Alt Caveman (R1),\n then you must hold down + ollie + \n then press caveman (L1) + your powerslide button.
  • Land Pivots are now disabled if the following host options are on:
    • No manuals.
    • No reverts.
    • No walking.

August 11, 2015

  • Fixed: Warehouse starting room light.
    • Correctly flickers on & off.
  • Fixed: Most object flickering/Zfight issues in Kyoto.
  • Fixed: Kyoto crashing issue for some players.

August 8, 2015

  • Two new levels - Warehouse from THPS and Kyoto from THAW.
  • Fixed: Koth time setting can now be changed again.
  • You no longer get stuck if in observe mode and the level is changed.
  • Fixed: Skater is rotated while grinding a gate in New Jersey
  • Fixed: The School 2 pole can be knocked down
  • Various bugs fixed.

May 9, 2015

  • Startup crashing fixed for most players.
  • Fixed bug where bailing in an active game would end your run.
  • Removed unused models/textures.

April 26, 2015

  • New levels, City Center and Fun Park from THP8
  • THUG1 secret skater boards.
  • Rail boosters in THP8/THAW levels.
  • Booster vent model added to Atlanta.
  • Net Game ends faster if a player bails after 0.
  • Error messages are now written to a log file.
    • file is located at "../AppData/Local/THUG Pro/thugpro.log
  • Menu updates and tweaks.
  • Tweaks to Airshuffle and Air Manual scripts.
  • Tweaked caveman and drift delay times.
  • Updated download bug
  • Skater freezing when changing time a day.
  • Pedestrian scripts in Canada causing crashes.
  • Bug where net games didnt and correctly.
  • Bug with airshuffle trigger, (when is disabled)
  • Camera Angle menu option work correctly now.
  • Script and level optimization.

March 8, 2015

  • New level, Atlanta from THAW/THUG2 Remix
  • Fixed crashes relating to Natas spins, and crashing on selecting High School or Skatepark
  • "Bulletin Board" main menu option to view latest update info
  • Tweaked Observe mode, which lets you sit out of games
  • "Turn Off Game Respawns" option in General Options which lets you retain your current position when games start or end (May experience occasional crash).
  • Tweaked Wallplant/Stickerslap angle, speed loss, & distance fixes
  • Removed random rails in Kona

February 27, 2015

  • Grind/Rail sounds tweaked for levels, such as Manhattan
  • Natas spins will now play slide sound, and bugs relating to Natas spin bails were fixed, and smoother transitions
  • Bail animations that played incorrectly are now fixed
  • Some extra wallridable objects in level, flagpole objects appear in Vancouver, and Bulldozer in Alcatraz (offline)
  • Scaling and Color updates for Skater Editor
  • Fixed menu exiting callbacks
  • Added FS 540 to Create-A-Trick, fixed menu error when exiting Create-A-Trick
  • New menu design
  • Descriptions for main menu actions
  • Park Editor: Rail Tool snap/post toggle has been fixed seperated. (Use R3/Focus to toggle post)
  • Local/LAN mode: Added Join IP and Join as Observer modes
  • Added "Rail Grab" button assign ability to in-air control setup menu
  • Auto load failed messages fixed
  • Sharper textures

December 19, 2014

  • New level, High School from Project 8
  • Bike rack and Picnic table host level options for High School
  • Zoo competition ramps now have rails
  • Flowers in building fronts in Santa Cruz
  • Removed jackhammer sound from Manhattan
  • Removed THUG2 level destruction options (was buggy)
  • Fixed some potential crashes
  • Footstep sounds changed back to normal in Austrailia & Santa Cruz if a game is started, or the skater went out of bounds
  • Skater no longer ollies when pressing enter or ollie on dialog boxes
  • New icon for Misc Levels category

December 15, 2014

  • New level, Santa Cruz

December 11, 2014

  • New level, Vans Park from THAW
  • Spray tags can now be completely turned off, and changed to the burp of Shrek
  • Cap editor limits, such as merging are now toggleable in Park Properties, and copy / paste works beyond the normal memory limit now. Be careful :)
  • Some previous offline only scene objects now are visible online in New Jersey
  • The swing doors in College by the elevator no longer lock up after being spray tagged
  • Some rail sounds corrected in School 2, Chicago, and San Diego
  • The backslash key works as a normal character. Double tap it to get the color escape sequence

December 08, 2014

  • New Gameplay Features
    • Complete PS2 control layout
      • One button spine
      • Two button walk
      • An option to put the ability to spin using caveman/alt caveman buttons, simulating the original PS2 setup
    • Sticker Slap and Wall Plant
      • ollie, down + ollie
    • THUG1 style drift
    • Jump trick selection
      • Choose from MikeV Plant, Fastplant, Beanplant, and Boneless
    • Airshuffle
      • up + up + ollie while in Caveman
    • Land pivots from THAW
      • Revert while on ground for a more stylish transition into a manual
    • Buttslap counter
    • Pressure & Nollie stance toggle mode style: choose between THUG (press to toggle) or THUG2 (hold to stay in pressure, release for nollie)
    • An option to map the focus key to do spine transfer & acid drop
    • Wallride Plant
      • left + ollie, right + ollie
    • Angle to initiate a wallride increased to be more like THUG1

  • New for Online
    • AutoServer and AutoLevel
      • Automatically start games and change level while hosting.
    • New game modes
      • Score Challenge Graff
      • Elimiskate Graff
    • Goal attack goals for THPS4 levels
    • All stats are locked to 10, and removed from menus
    • Colored text
    • In-game chat blacklist
    • On-screen keyboard
    • Change the select button binding in General Options
    • UPnP Port Forwarding
    • There are now 8 observer client slots.
    • Turn on observers and save your net preferences!
  • New Level: Andy’s Room from Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure, and THPS4 Practice Level
  • Level Changes
    • Time of Day changes now have lights online in THUG2 and THUG1 levels
    • Pro trick objects in THPS4 levels
    • SF floating platforms are now skateable
    • London elevator teleports added
    • Wallrides work on all walls in Chicago
    • New rail added to qp in Australia
    • Outback area in Australia is now accessible
    • The quarterpipes at the sides of the level in Australia now have rails at the top
    • Trees / Bushes in Manhattan from offline now show online
    • Trees, some lights and the ladder in Moscow from offline now show online
  • New Launcher
    • Resolution select from detected modes
    • Window mode
    • PS2 layout label toggle
  • Park Editor
    • Toggle between placing floaty rails and normal rails
  • Other Improvements
    • New logo and splash screen
    • New default “THUG PRO” and “Punk Wasteland” themes
    • Chat interface options
    • New updater and installer
    • Automatic aspect ratio
    • All special trick slots and specials unlocked by default
    • Performance enhancements
    • Spray Tag ends when Grind/Triangle released
    • Always Special, Super Blood, and Perfect Rail & Manual host options
    • No revert speed loss host option
    • Oldschool Special host option (sets special when you land instead)
    • Airshuffle and Boostplant host options
    • Much lower cooldown between wallplants
    • Multiplied Score HUD option
    • Many more
  • Bug Fixes
    • Over 10 different crash fixes
    • Connection refusals fixes
    • Online menu bugs fixes
    • Level select menu crash fixes
    • CTF panel messages fixed
    • Slap message lingering after game fixed
    • Random natas nodes removed
    • College, SF and Hawaii teleporters work off board
    • London random rails removed
    • Shipyard now has most of it’s gaps
    • Zoo sticker slaps and wallplants fixed
    • Glass break sounds in THPS4 levels
    • Parked gap placement bugs fixed
    • THUG1 level scripts optimized and missing gaps added
    • Many others

February 02, 2014

  • New launcher/updater
  • Levels from THPS4
  • New server options menu
  • Added difficulty menu
  • Added rotate skater in CAS
  • Added new CAS animations
  • Added pedestrian heads in CAS
  • Added kickflip extratricks
  • Added game logo icons to the levelselect
  • Added helper text to the levelselect
  • Added keyboard buttons, (for gp players)
  • Fixed create-a-trick crashing
  • Fixed wp/ss angles and physics
  • Fixed no more super stats
  • Fixed random lag when bailing
  • Fixed crashing when connecting to lobby
  • Fixed menu callback scripts
  • Fixed random lag when bailing
  • Removed oad premade menu in Park Ed

December 14, 2013

  • Connection refused fix

November 24, 2013

  • Fixed saving and loading bugs
  • Fixed crashing in the lobby
  • Fixed 95% of level crashing bug
  • Fixed observer mode crashing
  • Fixed "bug" where the trucks would turn black
  • Fixed night mode crash

November 05, 2013

  • Fixed most startup issues
  • Frying to fix the levels that still crash

November 04, 2013

  • Fixed obs. pause menu crash
  • Fixed saving/loading issues (some mod controls have been reset, so you need to change your settings again)
  • Fixed levelselect crashes
  • Fixed some lobby bugs
  • New decks/stickers/tags
  • Added custom theme menu
  • Added drift (still need to tweak the speeds)

August 13, 2013

  • Stickerslaps should work in THUG2 levels if you have set a sticker texture
  • Added an option to change the chat font
  • Problems with chat messages has be fixed
  • Tricks have been added back
  • In host options you can choose to disable speed boost, in tricks like "Hot Rod"
  • Taunt menu has been added in the online prefs menu

August 12, 2013

  • Some tattoo options have been added back
  • Boostplant should work now
  • Levelselect bug should be fixed
  • All thug levels work in online mode now
  • Tried to fix the chat message time problem, and added a simple "/clear" command
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