THUG Pro is a mod for the game Tony Hawk's Underground 2. The mod completely overhauls the original game with many features and assets, community-requested additions & tweaks. The mod is currently in beta status. To play THUG Pro, the user needs Tony Hawk's Underground 2 installed on a PC system.

Mod features

There are many additions of new features. Some of these include:

  • Dozens of levels from across the Tony Hawk's franchise.
  • Different user-interface themes to select, including ones based on skateboard sponsors and from THPS4/THAW
  • Connection to a private beta online lobby
  • Customization of game controls within the control setup menu
  • PS2 and PC control profiles
  • Custom game launcher in which gamepads and keyboards can be assigned.
  • Updater that is used to check the integrity of the mod files and download the new versions.


Warehouse Hangar Foundry College New Jersey Training Hollywood Andy's Room
School School II Canada San Francisco Manhattan Boston Beverly Hills High School
Mall Marseille Rio Alcatraz Tampa Barcelona Downtown City Center
Skatepark New York Suburbia Kona San Diego Berlin East L. A. Fun Park
Downtown Venice Airport Shipyard Hawaii Australia Santa Monica
Downhill Jam Skatestreet Skater Island London Vancouver New Orleans Oil Rig
Burnside Philadelphia Los Angeles Zoo Slam City Jam Skatopia Vans Park
Streets Bullring Tokyo Carnival Moscow Pro Skater Casino
Roswell Skate Heaven Cruise Ship Chicago Hotter Than Hell The Triangle Skate Ranch
Chopper Drop Oil Rig Practice The Ruins
Santa Cruz
Dark green - original THUG2 levels, Green - ported levels, Red - missing levels
  • Stacey Peralta's Skateshop from THUG is used as the main menu level in the mod.

Mod history

A very early version of the mod was released on August 31st, 2012, featuring THUG1 versions of Venice and School 2 levels. It was originally called THUG2 LEVELMOD as a tribute to the similiar mod for THPS3.

A year later on August 9th, 2013, the first version of the mod within the name THUG PRO was released.

There were few minor patches released during November, 2013 which fixed some major crash bugs.

In January 2014, a thread about the mod was posted on Reddit. Later on, article about the mod called "Fans Are Making The Ultimate Tony Hawk Game" appeared on the main page of Kotaku. Several other known game sites reposted this article.

On February 24th, 2014 patch was released. Along with new levels from THPS4 it adds new launcher, extends Create-A-Skater menu and fixes known crashing and lags.

All THPS3 levels were added on December 13, 2015.

As of now, mod is under development. All of the updates are available through auto update system.

For the complete update history, visit THUG Pro Update History page.

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