THPS Early Beta is a beta version of THPS, dated April 9th, 1999. It was circulating around for a long time and is arguably the most known THPS beta.


This version contains a lot of early concepts that did not make it into the final game. Score tokens were represented by glowing rings. Filling up special meter would make skater glow.

There are only 5 skaters in the game and the 6th is Rasta Guy which can be accessed by hack only.

Levels that made it to the final:

  • School level is complete in this version except there are few differences: no building in the center (just grass and few trees instead), fences, showing outside areas (not that much).
  • Downtown. This level is almost same except there is a parking lot passage in this version. Minor difference include texturing, vegetation and bowl on the roof which resembles similiarity with infamous bowl from Chicago level.
  • Skate Park. Chicago appears in the earliest demo versions like Pizza Hut demo, hence it is complete in this version.
  • Mall level was more or less complete. Some objects are misplaced yet and walls were not textured yet to represent mall shops. There are just a few at the moment.
  • Suburbia. Behind this name you can find the very early representation of the Streets San Francisco level. You can only find roads by the perimeter, the area inside where pagoda would stand later and area rgar will become china town. However suburbia is the name of another level that did not appear in the game.
  • Roswell. This is the most interesting level because its shape is completely finished in this version, but texturing is way off.
  • Downhill Jam. By the beggining, this level looks finished, but the farther you get, the more weird stuff you can notice.

Concept levels that did not appear in the game:

  • Downhill. This is surpisingly not the Downhill Jam level, as you might thought, but a long level which allows you to skate down the hill, collecting tapes. In the end skater would find himself into the room which shares the same visual style with Chicago level. It's not a secret that Pro Skater game was intended to become Top Skater competitor, but it didn't play well so they refused the idea. Downhill levels in the final game are probably the most contradictive levels.
  • Classic Concrete. This level is not available without hack as it just crashes the game. Basically it's just a test level to represent different terrain materials.
  • Freeway. This level was intended to represent the construcrion of freeway lane. You can even find some parts of this lane, some construction vehicles and some square installation.
  • Suburbia. It seems like they simply used Suburbia entry to start Streets level, but the actual Suburbia is still there, hidden in game files and it is inaccessible without hack. It represents suburban district with a couple of houses, drive-in theatre and playground for children.

Known cheatsEdit

  • SCUDXS - ???
  • SUX
  • XTC
  • SLUT
  • TCXS - ???
  • DDT - debug info
  • SCX - skip to restart
  • LUXTST - ???
  • STRUDL - ???
  • TUXD - skip to restart

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