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THPS3 Pre-Release[]

This page serves to talk about the THPS3 Pre-release build on the PS2 3 months before it was released to the public, or any 6th gen pre-release content.


  • Some skaters shared the same look they had on the Beta/PS1 version.
    • Bam Margera's shirt was a white CKY2K shirt, instead of a black HIM shirt (similar to the PS1 version).
    • Chad Muska looked almost the same as in the PS1 version, only difference being his jeans were still blue.
    • Geoff Rowley shared the same look in the PS1 version.
    • Tony Hawk's 80s shorts were originally khaki.
    • Eric Koston's outfit was a turqoise shirt with black shoes.
    • Bucky Lasek originally wore blue jeans as well.
  • Some skaters decks were not created yet, so some skaters had placeholder THPS3 decks or cloned versions of their decks.
  • Every skater shared the same 2 idles, with it being either left handed or right handed.


Note: Most levels are not featured in the level list, as they most likely were under development. This is also due to the fact that the only playable levels on the pre-release builds were Canada, Suburbia, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.



  • There originally was a pipe, seen in a screenshot with Eric Koston.
  • "Bury that Bully!" was originally "Stop that Bully!".



  • The Jeeps parked near the 2 houses were originally a Station wagon and a Hippie van.[1]
  • "Help the Thin Man" originally was more easier to complete.
    • The Axe was originally was stuck on the ramp on top of the house with a pool in it.
    • When giving the Thin Man the axe, it didn't lock you into a cutscene, which allowed you to move around.

Skater Island[]

Los Angeles[]

  • You originally had to do an Impossible over the "Arco" gaps. In the final game, you have to do a varial kickflip over the "Tower rails" gaps.[2]
  • "Free Ballin" was originally named "Scratch the Balls."
  • The car chase originally started off at the Liquor store, instead of nearby where you first spawn in-game. However, they still "spawn" where they do in the final game.
    • Only one police car was in the chase at first.


  • Skaters you were playing as were referred to on the competition scores as "PLAYER1," and NPC skaters as "COMPUTER" 1, 2, and 3.
  • The train bells were different.
  • You originally had to Wallride the big sign instead of grinding its supports.
  • Originally there was a cameraman near the "Bento box" gap.

Cruise Ship[]

Other levels[]

Oil Rig[]

  • Most likely under construction for the XBOX release.


  • Most likely dropped sometime before this build.


  • Used during the development to test animations and other things.

Skate Shop[]

  • Completely finished.

Other Differences[]

Combos and Tricks[]

  • The Combo counter was slightly different.
  • Specials had no golden color in their name.
  • Rotation counters were in red.

Non-Playable Characters[]

  • Rastapopolous has not been added in yet, with the generic bearded NPC being the placeholder.
  • The generic black NPC who wears a yellow jersey originally had a blue jersey instead.
  • Originally the bearded NPC with a green shirt and shorts wore a pink one.
  • The Thin man was originally much older, with a balding head and a white beard.
    • He originally burst into flames when finished with chopping open the passageway, which further proved a theory about the Demoness and the opening door in Suburbia.
    • He originally had a much deeper voice as well.


  • In one version of this build, the OOB teleporter isn't functioning, which allows players to go out of bounds and discover things out of bounds, or get stuck.
  • Originally, game objectives were numbered.
  • All sound effects had more of a high pitch, such as the metal rail grind sound and the Special sound.
  • Bail sounds were originally more gore-esque, as most sounds were way more louder and sounded more "bloodier".
  • Most in-game background sounds (such as the generator in Canada and the crowd cheers/boos in Tokyo) are so loud that they sometimes deafen soundtrack.