THPS3 Early Beta is a private release of PlayStation version of THPS3 dated September 5, 2001. It was released in public by Sairuk on October 1, 2017.



  • Revert is much slower in this version.


This version only has 3 levels available via level select menu: Rio, Suburbia and Skater Island. The differences are not drastic, however there are plenty design elements that were removed later.


Level shading is not set up properly yet. Overall texturing issues. The far side is not fully redesigned yet.

Los AngelesEdit

This level was apparently at the early stage of the redesign. There are more broken bridge parts. including the one behind the carwash. Carwash doesn't have any water yet. The library building directly states it is a Los Angeles Public Library via a banner above the entrance. Skyscrapers are textured very bad. Planters on the other side are not textured at all. There is an octagonal shape in front of the elevator entrance, that resembles the fountain from nextgen versions of the level.


Discoteca wall is not finished yet as well as hidden area of the level. Texturing is a bit off. Also, road shape is similiar to nextgen versions. Both exits are blocked by buildings.



Some differences in the final area, different International Airport logo. Different suitcases.

Skater IslandEdit


Features some shrubs in the planter and huge light poles from nextgen versions of the level. Also there is a hidden passage at the ramps from the lower one to top where secret tape is located in the final version.


The entrance to the hidden area is much closer to the nextgen versions.


Almost finished except there is no ramp at the beginning under the statue and a weird small bowl in the end.

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