THPS3 1.3 is a mod for the game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 created by Kyle Awesome aka ksk8er.

Mod featuresEdit

This mod adds a lot of features that were introduced later in the series like double tap flips and grabs, grind and manual extensions, rolls and flips, dropdown, powerslide, bert slide, luge mode, etc. Also it unlocks debug menu and adds some additional feature like fog setup, custom restarts and others. It also included additional maps from Lost Levels Final mod.

Mod historyEdit

In 2004 ksk8er released THPS 1.2 mod which aimed the same goal, but contained a lot of bugs. He started development of THPS3 1.3 in July 2006 and it lasted over 4 months.


  • If any of the 5 new tricks is used on the host without 1.3 installed, it crashes the host.
  • THPS3 1.3 was continued under LevelOut name by coolsnake.
  • KSK, the creator of the mod would go on to create THUG+ in 2015, a cumulative mod for Tony Hawk's Underground that adds new levels, updates others and adds a lot of features such as level editing and TOD. As of November 17, 2017, KSK is also rewriting the THUGTools plugin originally created by asdf_. The new version will be released in the soon future.

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