THPS2 E3 Beta is a version of THPS2 presented at E3 Expo dated May 9, 2000. It was distributed in a limited amount for press and was speculated to be available up until its release in 2016 by Sairuk on Hidden Palace.

Noticeable differencesEdit


  • General physics differences. Skaters are much faster and they lose balance faster too.
  • No Comply is not yet in the game, still triggers Nollie from THPS.
  • Options screen is not available. Redirects to skateshop screen instead.
  • Digits and + sign are colored golden, just like special tricks.
  • Instead of $250 there was $20.
  • Cash pickups add text directly to the trick string, just like Bonus pickups from THPS did: "20 Spot", "Fitty Bucks" and "100 bucks, you're rich!" respectively.
  • Tricks and stats editing is not available yet.
  • Only 1 deck per skater is available and there are no other decks in game files.
  • Only 5 levels are selectable in the game, but all of them are present in game files.
  • All pro skaters are present, as well as Skater X (CAS). None of the secret skaters are in the game, not even in game files.


  • Hawk style A - different logo
  • Steamer style B - black t-shirt
  • Rowley style B - red t-shirt



The hangar in this beta is at a very early iteration, however the shape of the level already matches the final look.

  • Overall texturing is very simple.
  • The wall in the middle is much thicker, there are several shatterable objects there.
  • After the propeller opens the door to the windy tunnel, it keeps rotating for a while, killing skater if he attempts to pass through.
  • Pilot wings are different.
  • Outside helipad is not yet there. There is some dispatcher room above it, that reminds a lot the one added in THPS2x, except it's larger. Due to the game files from PC beta it was planned to record some dispatcher lines to be triggered at random.
  • If helipad restart is used, the fallen objects will raise to the top.
  • Banners are for "Alcoholics Anonymous" and "Delbonics Airlines"
  • Helicopter propeller and its corresponding rail are misaligned, causing skater to grind the air.

School 2Edit

Generally looks finished, except has a lot of details that did not make it to the final version.

  • There is a thin support for the awning at the beginning of the level.
  • The awning itself is shorter and a bit harder to reach, since there is no kicker beneath.
  • There are 2 roof vents for every spot: the one that made it to the final (square box with animated texture) andanother one, which is the actual rotating round model. It shatters upon landing.
  • There are 2 pipes between the roofs in the middle instead of one. One of them is broken and some steam effect is added on top.
  • 8 hall passes intead of 5.
  • Gym is unlockable in this version and the other entrance at Gonz rail actually opens too (it is shut tight in final version, causing a rail glitch).
  • There is a rail between two QPs at the basketball court.
  • Some graffitis are missing int the dumpster corner at Gonz rail.
  • There is a bit more vegetation.
  • There are additional bounceable trashcans and a dumpster between 2 rails.


No major differences from the final. Secret area is available. No cash in career mode.

New YorkEdit

  • The most known difference is the small passage above the pit that connects 2 streets.
  • Fire hydrants are there, but don't have any goal attached yet.
  • You can actually fall into the manhole between the kickers. It just kills the skater though.
  • There is no ramp near the Joey's Place.
  • There are actually 3 Joey's Sculpure and you have to perform Smith grind on each in order to complete the goal.
  • 50 bucks pickup in front of the subway entrance unlocks it.
  • There are subway tokens too, but they look different.
  • The base of the statue has 2 levels and you can't get there without jump.
  • Female scream is much more terrifying in this version.
  • Police siren triggers really often on this level.

Venice BeachEdit

The Pit is almost complete in this version, what's missing are the surroundings.

  • The building to the left was meant to be the Police station. Instead of a dead end wall (at the 2nd bum) there was a turnaround, leading to the other entrance, which was a passage back to the stairs.
  • It was planned to record police lines to be triggered at random according to PC beta files.

Venice Beach 2PEdit

Much bigger surprise is 2P version of the level, since it's a much earlier version, featuring only basic models of The Pit and a lot more outer city surroundings, including the car wash model that would be later used in Los Angeles.


Minor differences. The locked doors do not disappear once unlocked.


Valves to drain the fountain are missing.

The BullringEdit

Other than being half-textured, no noticeable difference from the final.

Skate HeavenEdit

  • Despite Tony Island and Wallows being finished in this version, Sadlands/playground area of the level is not textured properly yet. It also has minor differences like a chain sphere on top of the pit, lots of plywood plates around, 2 basketball backboards.

Chopper DropEdit

There is no helicopter and no finish banner.

Known cheat codesEdit

  • SCRX - press select to freeze gameplay
  • SCULL - fat + kid mode?
  • DDTDDT - debug info
  • SLUSL - slomo
  • RUST - remove blood
  • RULS - perfect balance
  • DUSCU - disco mode
  • DULLDULL - fps counter and skater stats
  • CUTCUT - timer at zero
  • SLUT - hide GUI
  • STUD - stats 10
  • XSSTUD - stats 13
  • XXXXS - thin skater
  • XXXXL - thick skater
  • TUSTUR - loading test
  • TRUSTLUST - can select locked levels
  • SCXUD - skip to restart
  • CRUDCRUST - thps1 leftover
  • XTCDUR - full special


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