THPS2 Demo was released shortly after E3. It is a public stripped down version of the game, having much less content available. Despite being released after E3, this demo is based on the earlier iteration as it uses the old game logo and Hangar is still meant to be in Tajikistan.

Available contentEdit

  • This version only contains Marseille level without secret area. The passage is blocked with the "Under construction" fence, having 4 bonus tokens around.
  • There are only 2 skaters available - Tony Hawk and Chad Muska. There is also Rodney Mullen model in game files.


There are 2 known versions of this demo - standalone and Jampack version. The only difference between them is the executable file in Jampack Demo, adding the Big Score Competition feature at the end of the run.

Known betas
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THPS3 Early BetaTHPS3 Pre-release
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