TC's Roof Gap appears in THPS2 and THUG on level School II, there's also a gap in THPS4 in San Francisco named: TC's Roof Gap Too. In THAW there's a gap named: TC's Roof Gap 3 in East L.A.. TC stands for Team Chicken. This is a nickname for Chris Rausch, one of the game developers.

THPS2 and THUGEdit


Landing TC's Roof Gap.

TC's Roof Gap is a gap on the level, School II, available on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 and as a hidden level in Tony Hawk's Underground.

In order to unlock this gap, the player must go on top of the short classroom building and jump to the next one. This gap is worth 250 in-game points.

How to TC Roof Gap

The building to jump over.


TC's Roof Gap Too is a gap on THPS4 on level San Francisco. This gap is unlocked when you jump from building that has "Pier 18" sign on it to the building that has "Slam Bros" sign. This gap is worth 50 in-game points.

The Buildings to jump

The building to jump over


To unlock this gap in East L.A. you have to get on the building behind tram line and near little skatepark, jump from that building to a garage in front of small red roof. This gap is worth 1250 in-game points. This gap is used in Nollies with Stevie Williams mission.

How to tc roof gap 3

The building to jump over

Other TC's GapsEdit

Other TC's Gaps are non-air gaps in Tony Hawk series: 2 Wheelin' TC's Roof in THUG and THPS2, TC's Rail in THPS3 and TC's Awning in THUG2.

Skate3 2010-02-15 13-56-59-60

Where to grind TC's Rail.

THUG2 2010-02-15 14-16-09-07

Where to grind TC's Awning.

2 Wheelin' TC's RoofEdit

2 Wheelin' TC's Roof is a gap in THUG and THPS2 on School II level done by doing TC's Roof Gap and continuing with a manual on the other roof. This gap is worth 500 points.

TC's RailEdit

TC's Rail is a grind gap in THPS3 on Foundry level, it is used in a goal 50-50 TC's Rail. This gap is unlocked by grinding a yellow rail that is in front-left side of a big half-pipe near start of a level.

TC's AwningEdit

TC's Awning is a grind gap in THUG2 on Australia level, the gap is used in a goal Team Challenge. In order to unlock this gap you have to find red building near beach with glass and pool in the roof. Launch from a kicker next to stairs in front of entrance of the house and grind the awning up in the front.

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