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Skatopia is the seventh and final level in Tony Hawk's Underground 2's story mode.

Origin Edit

Skatopia is revolved around real-life skate park, which is located near Rutland, Ohio.

Story Edit

After the player gains a certain amount of points, Bam Margera decides to set fireworks off all over Skatopia. He does that and while the fireworks are about to explode, Tony Hawk evacuates all dogs and people of Skatopia.

The player is left on the other side of the entrance, with Skatopia burning down. Bam issues a challenge, stating that if the player can get to the entrance in one combo, he will get 1000 points. The player does that and wins the World Destruction Tour for him and his team.

Nigel Beaverhausen, who had issued for Bam and Tony to record all of Skatopia, managed to get a live news broadcast. Bam gives him a tape in which Beaverhausen believes to be all the footage of the World Destruction Tour. Beaverhausen plays the tape, only for it to be Bam's father, Phil Margera, in the toilet. Tony and Bam humiliate Beaverhausen once more, by pulling his pants down on live TV.

Trivia Edit

  • The player can grab and throw Smoke Bombs, which they are located within the Big Barn.
  • Skatopia marks the only time you can play as Tony Hawk himself.
  • All skaters of Team Tony are not present, only the player and Tony Hawk.
  • Skatopia marks Ryan Sheckler's video game debut.
  • There is a cat that attacks you if you go to the top of the hill.
  • There is a glitch where if you Throw a Smoke bomb while the cat is on top of your head the cat will stay there.
  • The initials on the arcade machine, when put together, spell out "Ten Hardcore Years kicking Your Ass", referring to the fact that Neversoft had been in business for ten years by the time THUG2 was released.
  • Behind the fence at the barn area, Bigfoot can be seen by a tree, if you havent found him first in story mode. Throwing a smoke bomb at him will cause him to get knocked down and lay on the ground. He disappears once he is found and his goal list is unlocked.

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