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Skater Island loading screen

Skater Island is the sixth level and second competition level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. It represents a skatepark which is divided in vert and street zones.


Skater Island is based on real world skatepark Skater Island, located in Rhode Island. It was destroyed by a roof collapse in May 2004.


  • Skater Island is a competition level.
  • There is a secret ship area that can be unlocked by grinding a pirate flag.
  • There is a pirate on the pirate ship.
  • A crab near the broken building on the shore will hide if the skater scares it.
  • There are fishes and shark underwater, but normally the player can't see it, because the water is not transparent.
  • Standing on the shore you can notice Cruise Ship in the distance.
  • The PS1 version doesn't have the pirate ship, it has its own secret area outside. You can notice there is grass and trees which doesn't correspond the rocky shore setting of the next-gen version.


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