Character Skateclub Leader

Skateclub Leader

Skateclub Leader is a fictional skater and story character in THAW. Also known as Jeff, Alan, Kurt, Josh.

Skateclub Leader missions Edit

Again with the Skate Club Edit

Meet up with the leader near the skate shop first. He'll have you trick off of flashing objects in the area. Simply do a few grinds on all of the flashing objects you see (there are 5 total), then go talk to him again. He'll Then have you do a few flatland tricks which are grabs & flips pulled off while in a manual. You don't have to do all the tricks he calls out in a single combo, so get into manual mode, pull one off, then ollie out of it and start over with the next one. When you're done, go back and talk to the leader again.[1]

Jeff missions Edit

Sticker Slap-Happy Edit

Meet up with Jeff who's located just outside the Skate Ranch entrance to learn some wall tricks. First up is the sticker slap, which you perform simply by ollieing towards a wall and pressing jump as you hit it. That was easy. Next is the wall plant which is the same as the sticker slap, except you'll hold down as you press jump. That, too, was easy. Finally, you got your basic wall ride. Approach the wall at an angle, ollie into it and press grind to ride on it briefly. This works best on walls that curve around.

Alan missions Edit

What's Skate Club? Edit

Alan, who is located in front of the hotel near the entrance to the Skate Ranch, will show you how to do spine transfers, flips and rools. You'll first have to do 3 spine transfers off of the side of the building nearby. The trick to these is to go into the spine transfer right after you let go of the ollie button. He'll then show you how to do back and front flips. Be sure to let go of the grab button shortly before you land. You'll then learn how to do rolls, which are similar to flips, but to the left and right instead of forward and back. Finally, he'll show you the acid and bank drops which are used when you're already in the air and want to land on a specific target. Make sure to go into these tricks as you hit the top edge of the ramp. Bada bing!

Kurt missions Edit

That's Mr. Natas To You Edit

Find Kurt near the shopping center to learn the Natas Spin. This is done by jumping on to vertical poles and spinning in place on top of them. This is a move that requires you to balance yourself. This is a great move for building up points because you can do a series of doubletaps of your grind, flip and grab buttons which will up your multiplier. If you're having difficulty maintaining your balance, head to the Skate Shop and do some sponsor challenges to build up your stats.

Josh missions Edit

The Boneless Edit

Meet up with Josh who's waiting near the Skate Shop. He'll show remove the bones from a jump by performing the boneless. This is done by doubletapping up just before leaping into the air. This trick is particularly valuable because it gives you slightly more air than a regular ollie. Next up is the boned ollie, which is done by simply pressing jump while you're in mid-air. Cake.[2]

References Edit

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