THPS2 skate heaven load screen

Skate Heaven loading screen

Skate Heaven is a level featured in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. This level is set in outer space. It is presumably the last level the player will unlock in the game, as you must 100% the career with every character in the game, aside from Private Carrera. Skate Heaven is an amalgam of a variety of real life skating spots, although they float on islands, and fictional items like the giant volcano (presumably the entrance to Skate Hell) are present in the level. Skate Heaven's contents are exactly what the level describes, dream skating spots, compiled together and peppered with fictional areas. Staples of this level are the giant center volcano, Tony Hawk's "house", the infamous Carlsbad Staircase, and much more. Another memorable thing about this level is its demonic announcer, who lets you know exactly how he feels, often bellowing things like "You Suck!" after falling into the void of space. There is also a secret skatepark in this level, accessible by jumping into the volcano while it is rumbling.


Skate Heaven is a fictional mix of various iconic skate spots. It includes:

  • San Dieguito High Ten Stair Rail
  • The Wallows
  • Tony Hawk's backyard
  • Animal Chin ramp
  • Combi and Pipeline
  • The Sadlands


  • In Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2X, Skate Heaven is one of three levels to get a minor technical change in level design, as there is a new, strange, somewhat skateable structure located near Tony Hawk's house. The other levels to get new additions are Hangar, and Chopper Drop.
  • The volcano doesn't seem to rumble much, if at all, in Pro Skater 2X.
  • Tony's House is no longer a physical house in Pro Skater 2X, but rather a complex abstract structure.
  • Combi Bowl would later appear in Vans Park, Wallows area would later appear in Hawaii.


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