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THUG School II loading screen

School II is a game level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. The level re-appears as an unlockable level in Tony Hawk's Underground and as a regular level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD.


School 2 is based on popular California skate spots such as the Gonz Rail, the Carlsbad Gap, and the Leap Of Faith, all merged together in a school setting. The Carsbad gap was demolished in 2012, the area was used for a parking lot. Leap of Faith is still alive, but the massive block was put there to prevent further attempts to perform this jump, which means Jamie Thomas is the only pro skater who almost nailed this gap.


  • The school basketball team is called The Ravens, same as it was in School.
  • In the THPS2 version of School II, the player may notice a golf cart riding around. It is driven by Joel Jewett, the Neversoft president. In THPSHD it is driven by Tony Hawk or Officer Dick (in case the player has chosen Tony Hawk).
  • In order to open the Gym doors in single-player mode, the player must grind the railing near the American Flags and get a gap named Roll Call! Opunsezmee Rail. In THPSHD, one must grind the rail while the bells are ringing. If done correctly, a blue star will appear at the player character's feet.
  • In the Mutiplayer and Online modes, the Gym doors are already open.
  • The other Gym entrance at the Gonz rail is blocked in game. In THPS2 there is a glitch that allows to grind through that door, but no area is loaded outside, so the skater will stuck in the void. It is possible to use modded files to unlock that door in THUG1.
  • In THUG1, in Create-a-Goal mode, if you zoom out of the starting point far enough, there are hidden elements from the level.

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