Loading Screen Roswell

Roswell loading screen

Roswell is a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater level, which also later appeared in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. Third competition "Concrete Conspiracy" is held in Roswell.

Origin Edit

The level is a fictional military facility located in Roswell, New Mexico. The entire theme is based on the infamous conspiracy theories surrounding a supposed UFO crash in the outskirts of the town, in 1947.

Level specific Edit

  • Level is remarkable by its Area 51 setting.
  • Doors open automatically when the skater comes close (though they are opened permanently in THPS3).
  • Roswell features specific metal sound only used in this level.
  • There is a captured alien lying on the table behind the glass in a passage. Player may hear his prayers for help. This is an obvious reference to the "E.T." movie, as the alien once in a while says "Phone home" and there is a grind gap nearby called "ET Grind".
  • UFO, military jeep and tank, are all held behind red lasers in the excavation building.
  • THPS3 version of the level has several graphical glitches including non-working middle rail animation and incorrect light blue vertex colors at excavation area as seen on the screenshot below.

Gallery Edit

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