Character Rasta Guy

Rasta Guy

Rasta Guy (Jamaican Guy) is a skate shop employee who appears in THPS2 and THPS3.

Appearence Edit

Rasta Guy can be found in the files of THPS1 as a skateable model, though he wasn't included in the final release. In THPS2 he appears on the skateboard selection screen as a static image. In THPS3 he appears at the main menu; he is seen behind the counter of the SkateShop. When the player highlights secret skaters on the selection menu, he reacts in varying ways:

  • If the player highlights Darth Maul, Rasta Guy will be Force choked.
  • If the player highlights Wolverine, Rasta Guy will stare in amazement.
  • If the player highlights Officer Dick, Rasta Guy will cower.
  • If the player highlights Private Carrera, Rasta Guy will start dancing and hitting on her.
  • If the player highlights Ollie the Magic Bum, Rasta Guy will faint, then retch at Ollie's stench after standing up again.
  • If the player highlights Demoness, Rasta Guy will be consumed by flames and scream in agony as he is presumably dragged down to hell.

Highlighting Kelly Slater or the Neversoft Eyeball, however, will cause no special reaction from Rasta Guy.

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