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Pro Skater is an unlockable bonus level in Tony Hawk's Underground 2. It can be unlocked after completing story mode on any difficulty.

Level description Edit

Pro Skater is a triple level, consisting of an alien complex, a Mayan complex, and a hell complex.

The alien complex basically takes place in spacestation, the only way to get to the Mayan complex is to open the station door, the only way to do that is for the player to sticker slap two red buttons so that they turn green and then generates the door to happen. While in the alien complex, the player can come across aliens skateboarding and aliens meditating. Once the player reaches the mayan complex, there are mayans skateboarding and mayan pedestrians, the way to get to the hell complex, is to tag over five idols, two outside the temple, three inside. After that happens, a gateway to hell opens.

Once the player has reached Hell, there are imps and lost souls walking around including one imp located right in front of the Satan head statue, which tells the player that if he/she wanted to see Satan, then the player would have to lip tricks two small bones and sticker slap two towers. The statue of Satan's head then opens it's mouth and then the player able to skate into it's mouth and the player will find himself inside of a living room-like hallway that leads right back out of Satan's mouth. Inside the living room-like hallway, there is a small room with Satan himself inside, the player can trigger him to dance, which then leads to a "dance with the devil", the player can trigger him to stop anytime.

After all that, the player is free to wander from any of the three complexes.

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  • The songs from the soundtrack can only be heard during the Hell section of the level.

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