Pedestrians are NPCs who roam the levels of Tony Hawk's games. Pedestrians have a simple AI, allowing basic interactions with skater, sometimes they follow a set path. When the players passes by them, pedestrians may fall down, dodge or punch/kick the skater, causing them to bail. Players may hear them yelling different phrases.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The first game that included pedestrians was THPS3. This fact was mentioned by several notable pre-release reviews as a mind-blowing feature. Skater could impress peds if they performed a trick nearby. Canada and Cruise Ship levels had goals based on this new feature (impress local skaters and Neversoft girls).

While THPS3 featured birds and sharks, THPS4 introduced a variety of new animals which player may find in Zoo and Carnival levels. This includes gorillas, hippos, lions, monkeys, elephants, pigs, goats, penguins, etc. In the revisited career mode NPCs became a major part of gameplay since they were now the source for goals.

Once again, while THPS3 featured skater NPCs in competition cutscenes, THPS4 introduced skater peds that could skate in game. Unfortunately this was only used in Practice level. However, in THUG this feature was used to the max, so you can find skaters everywhere around the levels.When projectiles were introduced in THUG2 players could throw tomatoes, apples, spray paint & smoke bombs at people, in THAW players could even hit peds with their board.

Notable peds[edit | edit source]

THPS3[edit | edit source]

  • There is a guy in Canada who's pissing in the ocean.
  • Thin man in Suburbia, the spooky house owner.
  • Pickpockets in the Airport.
  • Pirate with a parrot in Skater Island.
  • Arguing guys in Los Angeles.
  • Neversoft girl in Cruise Ship.

THPS4[edit | edit source]

  • Jocks in the coliseum at College.
  • Fishermen in San Francisco.
  • Security guards in Alcatraz.
  • Policemen patrolling in London.
  • Woman with pushchair in Zoo.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Female pedestrians don't fall down in Neversoft games as encountering one will knock the player off their board.
  • In THPS4 it is possible to swap skater and ped game files to be able to play as a pedestrian. This trick doesn't work in THPS3.
  • THUG allows player to pick any pedestrian from story mode after finding all the gaps in the game.
  • Most pedestrians will either fall down immediately after being run over by the player, move out of the way or in the case of female pedestrians instantly knock the player off their board.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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