Ollie the Magic Bum

Ollie the Magic Bum is a homeless man featured in several games in the Tony Hawk series. He is presented as a poorly dressed man with a mysterious bottle and hand-made skateboard, he typically wears a green bomber jacket and brown pants, and in THPS3 & THPS4 he sports a black cap.

Gear and Specific Notes

He uses a hand-made skateboard (nailed wooden planks) that has a "Will Skate For Food" sign on the underside. He's known for his "I'll open up a can on you, punk!", "You get out of here you, creep!" and "Aight! You gotta change?" exclamations.

In-game Appearance

Ollie first appeared as a NPC in THPS2 in Venice for a goal where the player had to jump (ollie) over him as he moved mysteriously (magically) from one spot to the next. In THPS3 he became a playable character, and is unlocked by completing all goals and collecting all three gold medals in Career Mode seven times. Later he appeared in THPS4 as an NPC again, where he gave several goals on different maps (like "Collect the Pink Elephants"), in Kona the player was tasked (by Tony Hawk) to ollie over him once again, in this goal it is revealed that he can also levitate. In THUG he appeared again as a NPC, giving a goal in New Jersey to collect boxes that were parts of his "house" in exchange for a train ticket (and half of his candy bar). A custom skater resembling Ollie can be created by using parts such as his coats, face, trousers and shoes. He returned as an unlockable character once more in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD.

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