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Ollie the Magic Bum is a homeless man featured in several Tony Hawk Pro Skater games. Presented as poor dressed man with a bottle and hand-made skateboard.

Outfit and specific notes

He uses hand-made skateboard (nailed wooden planks) instead of a normal one and it have "Will skate for food" sign on the other side. He's known for his "I'll open up a can on you, punk!" and "Aight! You gotta change?" exclamations.

In-game appearence

He first appears as NPC in THPS2 in Venice Beach level in a goal where the player had to jump over him as he moved mysteriously from one spot to the next. In THPS3 he became skatable character. Later he appears in THPS4 as NPC again, but this time he gives you several goals on different maps (like "Collect Pink Elephants").

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