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Officer Dick

Officer Dick is a fictional character. He appeared in multiple titles, this includes THPS, THPS2, THPS2x, THPS3, THPS4 (can be assembled in CAS mode), THPSHD, and in THPS1+2.


"As a youth, poor Richard Ennvee was deemed a 'Poser' by other skaters. Distraught and overtaken, by the need for revenge, Dick vowed to some day become what those skaters feared most... the long arm of the law!"


In the TV commercial for the N64 port of THPS, Tony Hawk is followed by three fat cops on skateboards. His name is probably a reference to the constant conflict between skaters and policemen.


Officer Dick usually wears a typical, unclean, US police uniform. In THPS2, there is an alternate outfit which has Officer Dick in red, polka-dot boxers and a greasy wife-beater. In the PS1 version of THPS3, Officer Dick appears to be wearing a SWAT uniform.

Exclusive special tricks


  • Assume the Position
  • Neckbreak Grind
  • Yeeeehaw Front Flip


  • Assume the Position
  • Lazy-ass Grind
  • Salute!!!


  • Sobriety Grind
  • Lazy Ass Manual
  • Assume the Position II


  • Assume the Position
  • Lazy A. Grind
  • Salute!!!


  • In THPS3, when Officer Dick collects stat points in Career mode, the game states that he is collecting Donut Points instead.
  • While Officer Dick is not available as a character in THPS4, it is possible to buy Create-A-Skater items prefixed O.D. and recreate him as a custom skater.
  • Officer Dick appeared in the motocross game MTX: Mototrax in 2004.
  • If Officer Dick is selected in THPS3 the shopkeeper will cower in fear.
  • Officer Dick appears as a Zombie in Tony Hawk's Project 8.
  • Officer Dick is played by comedian actor Jack Black in THPS1+2


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