The "no loading" feature being advertised on the box cover of Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, right of Tony's head.

No Loading (also known as "free roam") is a feature in all versions of Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Tony Hawk's Project 8, and the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Tony Hawk's Proving Ground.


Tony Hawk's American WastelandEdit

Fans thought that the whole idea of the "no loading" feature was to hype THAW as a game that doesn't load up its content, but it was later revealed that THAW's story mode would take place in Los Angeles. The game was marketed with slogans like "The First Free-Roaming Tony Hawk Game" and "Skate L.A. as One Massive Streaming World". In THAW's story mode, the player was able to simply skate to his/her location without having to into the main menu or start menu and changing the location. Tony Hawk's American Wasteland achieves the goal of the player to roam around in the game levels, although each time the player wants to leave a certain location, he/she is going to have to skate through a loading tunnel (i.e. to get from Beverly Hills to Hollywood, the player first needs to get through the mall). Once the player enters a loading tunnel, the next level loads up.

Tony Hawk's Project 8Edit

In Tony Hawk's Project 8, the "no loading" feature wasn't highly anticipated as it was in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, but it was present. It was highly identical to Tony Hawk's American Wasteland's "no loading" feature with one difference, no loading tunnels. THP8 featured no loading tunnels, but with everything else the same. The "no loading" feature was not present in the PS2/Xbox/PSP version of Tony Hawk's Project 8.


On the official website for Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (now redirected to Activision's official website), while the website loaded up, an icon of a skateboarder would appear and start grinding on the "loading" sign and finish up the loading of the website, obviously referring to the game's marketing catchphrase, "no loading".

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