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[[Image:Nintendo-DS-logo.jpg|150px|right|thumb|The official logo for the DS.]]
[[Image:Nintendo-DS-logo.jpg|303x303px|right|thumb|The official logo for the DS.]]
The '''Nintendo DS''' is a [[wikipedia:Handheld game console|gaming handheld]] manufactured by [[wikipedia:Nintendo|Nintendo]]. It was released in [[wikipedia:2004|2004]].
The '''Nintendo DS''' is a [[wikipedia:Handheld game console|gaming handheld]] manufactured by [[wikipedia:Nintendo|Nintendo]]. It was released in [[wikipedia:2004|2004]].

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The official logo for the DS.

The Nintendo DS is a gaming handheld manufactured by Nintendo. It was released in 2004.


Nintendo Wi-Fi ConnectionEdit

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is a free online game service run by Nintendo. Players with a compatible Nintendo DS game can connect to the service via a Wi-Fi network using a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector or a Wireless router. The service was launched in North America on November 14, 2005 with the release of Mario Kart DS. Various online games, and a web browser, are now available.

Download PlayEdit

With Download Play it is possible for users to play Multiplayer games with other Nintendo DS systems using only one game card. Players must have their systems within wireless range (up to approximately 30 feet) of each other and the guest system to download the necessary data from the host system.

Some Nintendo DS retailers features DS Download Stations that allow users to download demos of upcoming and currently available DS games; however, due to memory limitations, the downloads are erased once the system is powered off. The Download Station is made up of 1 to 8 standard retail DS units, with a standard DS card containing the demo data. On May 7, 2008, Nintendo released the Nintendo Channel for download on the Wii. The Nintendo Channel uses Nintendo's WiiConnect24 to download Nintendo DS demos through the Nintendo Channel. From there, a person can select the game demo they wish to play and, similar to the Nintendo DS Download Stations at retail outlets, download the demo (temporarily) to their DS.


Pictochat allows users to communicate with other Nintendo DS users within local wireless range. Users can enter text (via a small on screen keyboard), handwrite messages or draw pictures (via the stylus and touchscreen). There are four chatrooms (A, B, C, D) in which people can go to chat. Up to sixteen people can connect in any one room.

Tony Hawk games released on the DSEdit

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