Character Nigel Beaverhausen

Nigel Beaverhausen is a character who is seen during the events of Tony Hawk's Underground 2. He's a British video producer who's only motivation is fame and money. He makes his first appearance after the player clears Berlin, where he attempts to convince Tony Hawk and Bam Margera into letting him capture footage of their World Destruction Tour, only for the skaters to leave him duct taped to his trailer with a frightened turtle in his pants.

Later, he reappears in Australia, where the skaters learn Nigel is selling unauthorized videos of the tour. Tony and Bam decide to have the player and Eric Sparrow humiliate him, with the loser being eliminated from the tour. Eric only succeeds in stealing his clothes, while the player, disguised as Nigel using his clothes, harasses various citizens in Australia - with some help from Bam, who's fed up with Sparrow. The player is successful, with many citizens rallying against Nigel (who winds up getting a wedgie from a crane) and leaving Eric with nothing to contribute. Eric is eliminated from the tour and begins lamenting being having no ticket home, only for Nigel to fall on him (where it's heavily implied - and later confirmed in the credits - that Eric's head went up Nigel's buttocks when he fell on him.

After the player clears New Orleans, Nigel once again reappears and reveals that he's filmed the entire tour, even before he met the skaters in Berlin. However, he offers to pay for the entire tour if the group lets him film the rest. Tony and Bam agree to it, only after Phil Margera shows them the extensive damage bill - which comes up to $ 21,117,551.84.

He can be unlocked as a secret skater by completing Story Mode on Sick, or by inputting the cheat code "sellout".

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