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New Orleans loading screen

New Orleans is the sixth level in the Tony Hawk's Underground 2 story mode. After New Orleans, majority of Team Tony gets arrested, leaving only the player and Tony Hawk alone.


  • The local people in-game represent the "Mardi Gras" festivities of New Orleans.
  • The player can raise the dead as many times as they want.
  • If you throw beads at the girls, they'll flash you. However, in the game, there are censor bars (black bars with "CENSORED" text on it) placed over their breasts.
  • If you jump on the big manhole in middle of the city you will able to hear the screams from "The Underworld," despite the fact that the manhole is closed.
  • According to the loading screen, you can see the yellow van from Australia driving down the main street suggesting that driving cars would have been present in the beta version. This was removed for unknown reasons.
  • The Pole at the top of the big crypt at the cemetery was significantly larger in the beta version.
  • The "Fan club" building had a much different paint scheme in the original version.
  • The road is grey rather than black in the original version.'
  • The Cemetery here is most likely based off of this cemetery in real life.
  • On the dumpster in one of the alleyways, the number 8675309 can be seen, a reference to the song "867-5309/Jenny" by Tommy Tutone. The number 420 can also be seen which is slang for marijuana.
  • One of the gravestones in the cemetery reads "DISCO 1974-1980", a tongue-in-cheek reference to disco music and how it is considered a "dead" genre during the 80s.


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