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New Jersey is the first level in Tony Hawk's Underground.


He is based on the real-world location of Trenton, New Jersey.

Places of Interest

New Jersey Train Station

In the story mode of Tony Hawk's Underground, the New Jersey Train Station is used by the Custom Skater and Eric Sparrow to get away from the drug dealers on Elm Street. The train station is the main hint that the New Jersey level is modeled after Trenton, since it is a stop for "Septic", which mocks a SEPTA train that runs between Trenton and Philadelphia in real life.

Elm Street

In the story mode of Tony Hawk's Underground, Elm Street is described by the Custom Skater as a street full of drug dealers that hate skateboarders.


In the story mode of Tony Hawk's Underground, "Peralta's", the local skateborading shop in New Jersey, is owned by Stacy Peralta. The Custom Skater becomes sponsered by the shop. Opposite "Peralta's" is The Playground, where Custom Skater must complete several goals including executing the Soul Skatin' in the area.

Easter Eggs

  • A secret tape can be found underneath the bridge.
  • If you skate on the rails at the Train Station, the lady on the intercom reacts to you as so.
  • in the players bedroom a poster of Daisy from THPS4 can be seen on his/her wall.


  • In Tony Hawk's Underground 2, New Jersey appears in the first cutscene of the game's story mode. The level is not a playable level in the game but is still reachable through glitching the Training level in Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix and by modding the PC version of Tony Hawk's Underground 2. New Jersey is not fully programmed or developed in Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix or the PC version of Tony Hawk's Underground 2, so most of the level is missing and none of the rails or ledges in the level can be grinded.
  • According to screenshots the Muscle car was originally supposed to be drivable here it was cut for unknown reasons.
  • The Russian car was supposed to spawn here in traffic but was probably cut due to the fact that Lada's aren't in America.


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