Neversoft or Neversoft Entertainment was an American video game developer, founded in 1994 by Joel Jewett, Mick West and Chris Ward. It was the original developer of the Tony Hawk's video game series. The company was acquired by Activision in 1999. Studio was defunct in July 2014 after merging with another Activision studio called Infinity Ward. Shortly after Joel Jewett confirmed that he would retire from the gaming industry.

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Tony Hawk's franchise[edit | edit source]

Neversoft is best recognized for their line of Tony Hawk's skateboarding games. Tony Hawk's Proving Ground was final Tony Hawk game that was developed by Neversoft. The Tony Hawk franchise has been transferred to Robomodo.

Other games[edit | edit source]

Skeleton Warriors[edit | edit source]

This PS1 & Sega Saturn title is the earliest released title by Neversoft, the game was a tie-in for the TV show and toy line of the same name.

Ghost Rider[edit | edit source]

After the release of Skeleton Warriors, Neversoft collaborated with Crystal Dynamics to make a game based on the Ghost Rider comics. After six months of work the game was cancelled because of financial issues with the publisher.

Big Guns/Exodus[edit | edit source]

After Ghost Rider was scrapped, Neversoft started to create their own game engine. They started to design a mech shooter under the name Big Guns, their ideas were sold to Sony Computer Entertainment in late 1996, the game went through major changes including being renamed to Exodus, the game was eventually cancelled in November 1997. However the game engine was used in Apocalypse, the PlayStation port of MDK and THPS1 & 2.

Apocalypse[edit | edit source]

Apocalypse was a platformer game for PlayStation most known for starring Bruce Willis as the game's protagonist. Its engine would be used later in THPS games for PS1.

MDK[edit | edit source]

Neversoft is known for porting the famous MDK title to PS1. MDK (usually abbreviated as Murder, Death, Kill) was released for the MS-DOS & Microsoft Windows in May 1997 and was praised for its impressive graphics and gameplay, the PlayStation port was also well received, albeit slightly less.

Spider-Man[edit | edit source]

Spider-Man was in development at the same time with THPS2, that explains why Spider-Man appears in THPS2 as a playable character. THPS2 logos can be seen in Spider-Man game in several places and vice versa. This game is based on a modified THPS2 engine.

GUN[edit | edit source]

Released a few months after THAW, it was Neversoft's attempt to create something different. A TPS game in a western setting was unusual indeed, however the game wasn't very successful, it sold only 225,000 copies on all four consoles it was first released on (PS2, NGC, Xbox & 360) in it's first month. The game was subject to a lot of controversy, the Association for American Indian Development stated that the game contained "derogatory, harmful, and inaccurate depictions of American Indians." The game never received a sequel, but a poster for Gun 2 appeared in the Nemesis DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts, although it was only an Easter egg. Gun is currently the only Neversoft game that can be purchased digitally, it can be found on Steam and at

Guitar Hero[edit | edit source]

Guitar Hero is a game series originally created by Harmonix, which Neversoft picked up after Activision purchased RedOctane in 2006. It became very popular as well. A character from Guitar Hero is playable as an unlockable character in Tony Hawk's Proving Ground, which was released several days before Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

Call of Duty[edit | edit source]

Neversoft was involved in the development of Call of Duty: Ghosts, the game's Extinction mode was developed entirely by Neversoft. A soldier from Call of Duty is also playable in Tony Hawk's Underground 2 as an unlockable character.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Through out the Tony Hawk's video game series, There is a lot of easter eggs and nods to the former developer. Both in the games they made as well as others.
  • In THPS1+2, a game developed by Vicarious Visions. There are lot nods, easter eggs, and references to Neversoft Entertainment, Their logo, and even some of their old employees.
  • The Hangar in THPS1+2 has been redesigned to be some what of a museum/memorial to Neversoft Entertainment and to the Tony Hawk games under their development. Even a nod to Guitar Hero in the from of boxes of Banjo Champion.

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