New York level render

NY City is a level featured in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. It was never used in following installments, except the Banks part appearing in THUG Manhattan level.


Based on the Big Apple, this level features a small part of Riverside park, the area reffered to as the Pit, railroad and Brooklyn Banks. The crossing streets in this level are Riverside and 125th, however, they never cross like this in reality.

Level specific

  • The player has to collect 5 subway token in order to access the railway.
  • From time to time, the player may hear a gunshot and a woman's scream afterwards.
  • Taxis, which are driving across the map, allow the player to perform the Car Plant trick. The taxi drivers will yell at your skater if they hit them.
  • Brooklyn Banks is a large secret area that can be accessed by the railway.
  • The Railway is more than active, as there are trains driving in both directions.
  • Fun Fact: The trains do not disappear after they enter the subway, but keep following the circled path beyond the map. In the Playstation port, they are hidden from player due to low drawing distance, but on PC, it is easy to notice the trains floating in the night sky.
  • It's rather tricky, but the player can actually perform a Train Plant off of the trains.
  • New York is the only level set at night in THPS2.

Taxi driver quotes

  • Move-a your buttocks!”
  • Forgeddaboudit!
  • You mother...*Horn Beep* You're pissing me off!
  • Ten points, ha-ha!


High Score - 20,000 $750
Pro Score - 50,000 $1000
Sick Score - 75,000 $500
Collect S-K-A-T-E $800
Ollie the Hydrants $700
5 Subway Tokens $800
50-50 Joey's Sculpture $900
Grind the Subway Rails $1100
Find the Hidden Tape $1200
100% Goals and Cash $200


  • In Game Boy Advanced version of the level, the bridge in central park is broken. Also, the statue is replaced with a blue cow. The billboard on the wall reads "Where's Rio?"


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