Murphy is a fictional skater and story character in THAW.

Murphy missions[edit | edit source]

Impress Murphy[edit | edit source]

Meet up with Murphy at the Fanny & Co. store. He's going to want you to do a wall run up the side of the store's wall, flip off the wall and land a Natas Spin on the pole outside of it. This combo can get really frustrating because it can be difficult to get lined up properly and it's easy to overshoot the pole. It will take some practice to control the distance of your flip. Luckily you only have to hold the Natas spin for a hot second before you can ollie off of it. Note: you actually only have to impress two of Mindy's friends to unlock the Skate Ranch, so if you're having a crazy time with this trick, just complete the other two. Once you have unlocked the gate, head through the tunnel to gain entrance to the Skate Ranch.[1]

Hit the 69 Ball[edit | edit source]

Meet up with Murphy near the gas station. He'll show you how to loosen up the 69 ball so he can cart it off to the ranch. Spine transfer off the ramp of the building behind the gas station and onto its roof. Then sticker slap the ball by airing off of the ramp on top of roof.

Metal Awning[edit | edit source]

Meet up with Murphy by the building with the gray cement awning. You'll need to do the tricks on the awning (off the star maps sign kickers) that Murphy calls out. Take it easy on this one because it's easy to build up too much speed and get thrown off balance. Also there's a lamp post in the way when you're coming back, so the trick is to not move to the left or right at all. Just press up or down grinds as the trick demands.

Take the Stars[edit | edit source]

Meet up with Murphy across the street from the movie theatre. In order to pop the stars from the side walk, grind the tips of the shovels to pop out Hollywood stars a little bit. You'll have to hop from one to the next, but you'll have too much speed to do them all in one run. You should try to get 3 on the first run through and 2 on the return trip. Then hop off your board to slow down, give yourself some running room, and finish the rest. After that, you'll have to bank drop on them to pop them out and you'll only have enough time to do these three right in a row. The trick is to make damn sure you hit the bank drop right as you're jumping off the ramp. Go to retry this mission in the start menu if you mess up so you'll only have to do this part (not start all over again with the shovels).[2]

You Got a Big Ole Bell?[edit | edit source]

Check out Murphy who's standing next to the orange fountain area. Air up the rim of the fountain and land a sweet Natas spin on top of bell. Murphy will call out tricks for you to do while Natas spinning. If you complete a trick or two and fall off, you can just hop back up and pull off another one to complete it. Following this, you'll have to wallplant off the bell to knock it over.[3]

Take the Sign from the Wall[edit | edit source]

Head up the bend to your right and make a quick left at the platform to meet up with Murphy. He wants the sweet sign on the wall above. In order to retrieve it, he'll have you jump off a kicker, get off of your board in mid-air and then shimmy to the top of the sign by holding the revert button. Then you'll have to hit another jumper and grind on the downturned sign in order to loosen it up a bit. Finally, land a wallplant on the sign off the kicker in order to bring it on down. These are all fairly simple by this point, so you shouldn't have too many problems.

Mega's Got Problems[edit | edit source]

You'll get a text message from Mindy telling you that they're having some issues with the crane back at the ranch. Head back and talk to Murphy who's standing in the main halfpipe. You'll have to shoot water balloons at the construction worker who's trying to reach the top of the crane and hit him 32 times. Just move the aimer up slowly, following him up the ladder and hit the fire button as quickly as possible and you shouldn't have any problems. Next, you'll have to deliver the $ baggie to Joey B. back in Hollywood. You can't take the truck from the skate park, so you'll have to skate all the way back, but really this is a cakey mission. He's right near the blue escalators near the entrance to Hollywood. You'll then see a brief interlude that explains that Green Pipes Point, aka the Skate Ranch, is under some financial duress. Only a scheme of the highest order will help you get the dough necessary to save it. Luckily, you happen to be wearing a shirt with some scheme-heavy sleeves.[4]

Slot Machines[edit | edit source]

Next, head over to Murphy who's standing between a roulette wheel and an SUV display. Help him snag the slot machines nearby by stalling on the yellow velvet rope and doing the tricks that he calls out. You'll have to do 7 of them and you won't be able to use your focus; but if you fall off, you can hop back on and finish up the rest of them. Next, you'll have to grind up another rope to the top of the slot machines and then press grind again to grind in a circle around the top 7 times. You can use your focus in this part, and it helps out quite a bit, so feel free to go nuts with it once you've built up enough.

Snag the Chips[edit | edit source]

Meet up with Murphy again at the top of the escalator near the entrance. He'll cajole you into swiping some chips from the casino, to which you'll happily agree. You'll need to collect 55 of them, but you have a lot of time to do it. First, grind the yellow railing right in front of you to grab the first chip, then jump to the right side of the green lights above the casino floor and follow it around for until you have 13 chips total. There aren't any chips on the ground floor, so if you fall off, you'll have to take the escalator back to the top and start again. Next, head to the middle level of the casino by going into the elevator on the ground floor (near the slot machines) or taking the escalator up to the point where you started. You'll see a lot of coins along the edges of the steps there. You can either grind this ledge or grab them by hopping off your skateboard and just running around. If this is your cup o' tea, feel free. This line of coins will lead you to the passage way to the upper level, where you'll see a bunch of empty pools. The another batch of coins are along the rims of these pools. Grind around their edges to collect them right quick. The last one is on top of the diving board, so hop off your board and climb on up it to collect it. Piece of cake.[5]

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