Mindy is a fictional skater and story character in THAW. A girl who helps you around LA as well as designing the Skate Ranch and starting up her own magazine, American Wasteland. She eventually becomes your girlfriend. Mindy is voiced by actress Cree Summer, who is known for starring in many TV shows, video games and movies, her roles include Susie Carmichael from Rugrats and All Grown Up, Elmyra Duff in Tiny Toon Adventures, Valerie Grey in Danny Phantom, and Princess Kida in Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Mindy missions[edit | edit source]

Suit Up[edit | edit source]

You've arrived in beautiful La-La Land and you've already made a friend in skater chick Mindy. But if you're gonna stick around for a while, you'll need to deep six those countrified clothes A.S.A.P. First, head to the barber shop right next to where you're standing and switch up your hairstyle. You start with $120 and you'll need some money for clothes in a bit, so don't go too nuts. When you're done, head to the clothing store which is right next door and suit up. When you're done, go over to Mindy who'll introduce you to her friend Ian.

Scare The Protestors[edit | edit source]

Head over to Mindy who's standing by the protestors in the south-west corner of the map. You'll need to scare them away by loosening the dinosaur head at the top of the museum. To do that you'll need to complete some score goals by tricking of the pipes on the roof. You'll first need to complete a 2,000 point combo, then a 5,000 point one and then a 10,000 point one. You can get the first two score goals can be accomplished by doing a couple double tap flips while in the air. In order to get the 10,000 points you'll need to link tricks done on one pipe to another by reverting as you land, manualling to the other side and then hitting a few more tricks in the air. If you're having trouble and it looks like you may not hit the goal before time runs out, hit Retry Mission in the pause menu so that you won't have to start over from scratch. After you knock the head loose, you'll open the gateway to Beverly Hills. Simply skate up the escalator and through the hallway to get there.[1]

What's Skate Club?[edit | edit source]

Find Mindy in the north-west corner of the map. You'll have to learn some new tricks in order to impress her friends Boone, Murphy and Dave. You'll have to seek out a few Skate Club members in order to learn said tricks. The members will now show up on the map and will be indicated by pink stars. You can go to any of them in any order you want. Alan, who is located in front of the hotel near the entrance to the Skate Ranch, will show you how to do spine transfers, flips and rolls. You'll first have to do 3 spine transfers off of the side of the building nearby. The trick to these is to go into the spine transfer right after you let go of the ollie button. He'll then show you how to do back and front flips. Be sure to let go of the grab button shortly before you land. You'll then learn how to do rolls, which are similar to flips, but to the left and right instead of forward and back. Finally, he'll show you the acid and bank drops which are used when you're already in the air and want to land on a specific target. Make sure to go into these tricks as you hit the top edge of the ramp. Bada bing![2]

I Takes What I Wants[edit | edit source]

Head over to Mindy who's standing in front of the skate shop. In order to snatch the Shark's head you'll need to bank drop on top of it off of the kicker, then stall on the nose 3 separate times. If you are having trouble getting lined up, just skate away from the shark and if you get too far, it will automatically transport you back in front of the kicker lined up perfectly.[3]

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