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Manhattan is the first unlockable level in Tony Hawk's Underground, and second level after New Jersey. In the story mode of Tony Hawk's Underground, you and Eric Sparrow escape to Manhattan from New Jersey because of the drug dealers. The drug dealers were a threat and they had to escape. They also thwarted revenge on Eric Sparrow because Eric burned their car.

Manhattan is based on the New York borough of Manhattan, located in New York, United States of America.

Places of Interest

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JP Building

The JP building contains lots of rails and quarter pipes, which is good for practising lip tricks, grinds, flips and grabs. There is also a lot of flatland space as well, so you can also practise Freestyle tricks such as the Anti Casper.

In Career Mode, you are required to do a New York Nut Buster inside the building on Too Easy/Beginner difficulty, or do a New York Nut Buster out the window of a building on Normal/Sick mode.

The Banks

The Banks is located right across the JP building. This is the place where custom skater first encounters a filmer in story mode and you later get him to film you doing a New York Nut Buster inside the JP building.

There is a basketball court and a set of parked police and taxi cars located in The Banks.


The Waterfront is the edge of Manhattan, overlooking the sea. The Waterfront contains many quarterpipes and rails. This is the place where the player can unlock the Moonwalk Five-O trick in Career mode with Chad Muska.


The Memorial is located next to the JP Building and opposite The Banks. There is a pool, and many edges of objects to grind on.


The Metro is a rail link connecting New Jersey to Manhattan. Eric Sparrow and the Custom Skater use the Metro to escape to Manhattan from New Jersey.

There are plenty of quarter pipes and high rails for lip tricks. There are also many rails to grind on.

Pyramid Ledges

The Pyramid Ledges is a small section of Manhattan. It contains two semi-pyramids to get air on, and plenty of rails. On top of the Pyramid Ledges are two quarter pipes.


The following images are of the Places of Interest. All photos were taken from Tony Hawk's Underground.

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