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*''[[Tony Hawk: Ride]]'' is released on November 17, 2009.
*''[[Tony Hawk: Ride]]'' is released on November 17, 2009.
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===User reviews:===
*Provide the complete lists of full soundtracks to [[Tony Hawk's Game Series|''Tony Hawk'' video game]] articles.
*[[User blog:2koolalex/Tony Hawk: Ride Review|Written review for ''Tony Hawk: Ride'', based off the Wii version but covers all versions. Written by admin, 2koolalex.]]
*Provide detailed articles on the video game levels in [[Tony Hawk's Game Series|''Tony Hawk'' video games]].
*[[User blog:2koolalex/THR pre-order, 2 mini reviews|A short written review for the PlayStation 2 version of ''Tony Hawk's Project 8''. Written by admin, 2koolalex.]]

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